All this talk about getting physical on both sides of the ball is good to hear. The Seahawks proved tough teams win games. I guess Mike Smith forgot that little notion a few years ago.

Defense is so easy. It's overpower the opposing offense, easy. Offensively overpowering is important too. On offense all the right parts must work while a defense might get a break when a player gets lost in coverage or gets stacked at the line.

Does anyone remember Ovie Mughelli? He was like a guard blocking at fullback. He paved the way for Michael Turner's career and it was a good one for both guys. Mughelli also tried to ressurect the dirty bird dance after he caught a short TD pass. Man it was ugly. But UGLY is what DTs, DEs, safeties, linebackers saw coming through what was gonna be a hole for the RB guaranteed.

So we're gonna get physical on offense again.

Who the hell will be the lead blocker? The fullback?