"It was like everything revolved around him."

"We couldn't get our plays because he was the safety valve."

"3rd and goal and we can't score cause of slack blocking."

One thing you must understand is that Mike Mularkey was O-coor when the HOF TE came into the scene. Mularkey was forced, just like the new coor, to feature the HOF washed up TE. And they did. It worked great during the 2009, 10, 11, 12 seasons,...until the Falcons floundered in the playoffs. Great seasons all of them only to be lost.

The hardest loss is a playoff loss, but the ultimate is losing the Super Bowl.

Now we have another Matthews and he will start at right tackle. hahaha I see the family resemblance. MOTOR GRADER!!!

Here's one thing,...early on since 2008 the Falcons relied on big runs -to the left- with counters. Now they can actually PULL a right tackle or use him to trap block a DT! Imagine that! Add to that now you can run a straight lead off right tackle? Amazing. We'll see how creative things can get come September.