What's it gonne be? Sure ya'll want to commit to a run attack on offense or do you still pass for 4500 yards and have a 5 win season? You have to commit to an attack.

We'll hear more about this. Of course the Falcons have a RB who has gained over 1000 yards for a decade until last season due to injury. The Falcons have bolstered the O-line, especially on the right side and can use the tight end to block now that Gonzales is gone.

Depth at RB is concerning unless you saw the rookie running the ball last season. He's so unknown even I don't recall his name but he was great every time he touched the ball which wasn't often.

Here's the key,...to feature a running attack on offense a team must have a decent defense or it's all moot. On paper the Falcons defense is deep at DT, not bad at DE, weak at LB and decent in the secondary. Scheme will play a huge role with the defense and of course, everyone has to stay healthy.

The approach to changing the offense will be fascinating. Maybe they'll get it right this season. Score points early then run it down their throats. Easier said than done sometimes.