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Thread: 49ers Draft Picks and FA signings.

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    49ers Draft Picks and FA signings.

    RD. 1 #30 (#30 Overall) Jimmy Ward 5' 11" 193 CB/S Northern Illinois

    Our Rank #42
    Consensus Rank #41
    High Grade 1B
    Consensus Grade 2A
    Our Grade 2A
    Low Grade 5A

    Ward is a versatile DB who can line up anywhere in the defensive backfield. He will compete for the starting nickelback position. More than anything Jimmy is a playmaker. He stands out in every game tape you watch of him. He plays all types of coverage well. He doesn't have ideal size or bulk, but he is very athletic with a 38 inch vertical leap and 4.4 speed and agility. He has great anticipation and reaction skills as his 7 INTs last year show. A two time 1st team all Conference selection and a 2013 Thorpe semifinalist.

    Trent Baalke: “He’s a very physical football player. He plays a lot in the slot. He’s lined up all over the place.”

    Jim Harbaugh: “We believe he’ll compete as a nickel for us as well which is a very important position. He’s a good hitter, but he also makes plays on the ball. He’s extremely fast and has great instincts.”

    Mayock: "He's a true free safety. The concern is frame (5-foot-11, 193 pounds) and durability is an issue. He can play strong safety, but I worry about his frame over a 16-game season. This is a kid who's a natural center fielder, but he'll move up to make a play (against the run)."

    Ward: “When you’re around great guys and a winning program like this, you know you’re in a good situation.”

    Hand:9 1/4
    Arm: 31
    40: 4.47
    Eff40: 4.47
    RSI: 4.44
    EXPL: 57.4

    RD.2 #25 (#57 Overall) Carlos Hyde 6' 0" 230 Ohio St.

    Our Rank: #44
    Consensus Rank #38
    High Grade: 1B
    Consensus Grade: 2A
    Our Grade: 2B
    Low Grade: 3A

    The 49ers made a bold statement to the rest of the league with this pick. They will remain a primarily a hardnosed running team and you had better bulk up if you have any hope of stopping us. Hyde is a huge punishing downhill runner. He doesn't have that breakaway speed, but has a quick burst that will get you a lot of 20 yard runs. He and Lattimore will be the tandem of the future. A 1st team all Big 10 selection in 2013 and 2nd team in 2012.

    Baalke: “We felt that it was a great value. He can give us great competition at the position... He’s not a home-run hitter every time he touches the ball, but he's capable just as Frank has been capable over his career to break some long runs. He runs our style of offense very well.”

    Charles Davis: "The 49ers like to bludgeon people running the football. That's what Hyde can do. He does not turn down carries. Hyde can catch the football out of the backfield so effortlessly."

    Hyde: "I'm definitely going to get in there and compete and keep that running game alive. I embrace competition. Competition brings out the best in me."

    Hand:9 5/8
    Arm: 32
    40: 4.66
    Eff40: INC
    RSI: INC
    EXPL: 63.0

    RD 3 #6 (#70 Overall) Marcus Martin 6' 3" 320 OC/OG USC
    Our Rank #67
    Consensus Rank #69
    High Rank: 2A
    Our Rank: 3A
    Consensus Rank: 3A
    Low Rank: UDFA

    Marcus Martin gives us a massive mauler to compete with Kilgore, Looney, and Seymour for the starting OC and backup OG positions on the offensive line. He could also be an eventual replacement for Iupati when Iupati hits free agency next year. He fits in perfectly with what the 49ers like to do in the run game. Martin played LG his first two years before moving to OC this year. He was a freshman All-American at LG in 2011. He has long arms and big hands which Baalke loves.

    Baalke: "He can play center/guard. He'll start out in our system competing for that center job."

    Harbaugh: “Gifted, leader, smart football player and productive football player. He has some real gifts athletically that you hope a center has, being able to tork his body… He has a lot of tools to with. Mike Solari will be working with him, a veteran offensive lineman will be very beneficial to him.”

    Mayock: "This was the No. 1 center on my board. This is a big-bodied kid who fits exactly what San Francisco is ... a big, powerful, run-the-football kind of team."

    Martin: “I’m going to do whatever the coaches ask me to do. Whatever position that they need me to play I’m going to be willing to play. I’m going to come in and compete and represent my organization the best way I can.”

    Arm: 34
    40: 5.22
    Eff40: INC
    RSI: INC

    RD 3 #13 (#77 Overall) Chris Borland 5' 11" 248 ILB Wisconsin

    Our Rank #65
    Consensus Rank #77
    High Rank: 2A
    Our Rank: 3A
    Consensus Rank: 3B
    Low Rank: 4A

    Yeah his arms are too short, he's too short, but all he does is make plays. You cannot watch a Wisconsin tape and not be impressed with his level of play. He has terrific instincts. He is a team captain and 1st team All Big 10 selection. With Navarro Bowman out for the first 6 weeks or so, we need help in the middle and he was the #2 ILB in the draft. Ignore the 4.8 40 time and look at the Eff 40, RSI, and EXPL scores. All are top notch. He will compete with Michael Wilhoite, Moody, and Darius Fleming for the #3 and #4 ILB spots as well as special teams spots on the roster.

    Baalke: "He’s everything you’re looking for from a DNA standpoint."

    Harbaugh: "Very excited about Chris. Some of the plays he makes, the instinct that he has, the way that he sees the game, you know he studies it because of the way he (plays)… He’s like a bowling ball hitting pins. He’s got that kind of strike.”

    Mayock: "In a division of hardheads, the 49ers have just added a thundering hardhead. He's too short. He's too slow. I don't care, he can play."

    Borland: “I’ve always felt like I’ve got a great feel for the game. I really approach it as a student and I try to know everything I can. I think that really shows on my film. Take great angles, understand what the offense is trying to do and what we’re trying to do defensively, so that’s my strong suit.”

    Hand:9 7/8
    Arm: 29 1/4
    40: 4.81
    Eff40: 4.65
    RSI: 4.58
    EXPL: 71.7

    RD3 #36 (#100 Overall) Brandon Thomas 6' 3" 317 OG/OT Clemson

    Our Rank: 246 (Based on injury. Preinjury #40)
    Consensus rank: #100
    High Grade: 1C
    Consensus Grade: 3D
    Our Grade: 7C (Pre-injury 2A)
    Low Grade: 7C

    We had Brandon ranked with a high 2nd round grade before he tore his knee in a workout less than a month before the draft. We gave him the low grade figuring team would spend a late pick on him to redshirt him. But the 49ers with picks to spare snagged him at #100. In this draft with so much talent it is amazing that his injury didn't hurt more. Brandon Thomas finished the season as an early day 3 pick and them wowed everyone at the Senior Bowl and quickly rose up draft boards. His long 34 inch arms showed he could play OT as well as OG. He is another candidate to replace Iupati next year at OG. With this pick and the Martin pick, Iupati is as good as gone next year.

    Baalke: "He's a great young man. We really had him valued high; he was the highest player on our board once we made our pick. The value was just too high to pass up. We expect him to rehab fine."

    Mayock: "He will be on PUP list all year long; like a redshirt year. And like Marcus Lattimore last year, a luxury pick for San Francisco."

    Thomas: "Still doesn't feel real. Beyond bless to be given this opportunity. God is good!” -- @BTOMB3

    Hand:10 1/2
    Arm: 34 3/4
    40: 5.09
    Eff40: 5.21
    RSI: 5.17
    EXPL: 72.2

    RD 4 #10 (#110 Overall) Bruce Ellington 5' 9" 197 WR/KR South Carolina

    Our Rank: #92
    Consensus rank: #99
    High Grade: 2C
    Consensus Grade: 3D
    Our Grade: 3C
    Low Grade: 5C

    In Ellington the 49ers finally get their stretch the field guy. Is 4.45 fast enough to stretch the field? I don't know. I do know that his cone and shuttle times were more indicative of 4.3 speed, indicating he can get in and out of his breaks quickly enough to create separation. At South Carolina he was used all over the place - Receiver, RB, KR, PR, and even ran the Wildcat formation. In his three years caught 101 passes for 1586 yards and 16 touchdowns. So one in every 6.3 catches went for a TD. That begs the question why didn't Spurrier use him more? While he is short by NFL standards, I would note that his hands and arms are bigger/longer than normal for his size, he is a solid 197 lbs. and his explosion rating is very good.

    Harbaugh: “He’s a heck of an athlete, a very productive football player… Another versatile, very good athlete. Look forward to exploring how many different ways we can use him.”

    Mayock: "Think of a bigger Ace Sanders, who came out of same university. He's quicker than fast, and can help you in the return game. The 49ers needed some wide receiver depth. I continue to applaud the 49ers' draft."

    Ellington: "I feel like I have a lot of (room for) growth. Because I’ve only played for three years, so I feel like there’s a lot more things that I can put in my game and become a better player.”

    Hand:9 5/8
    Arm: 31
    40: 4.45
    Eff40: 4.32
    RSI: 4.33
    EXPL: 64.5
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    RD 4 #29 (#129 Overall) Dontae Johnson 6' 2" 200 CB/S North Carolina St.

    Our Rank: #149
    Consensus rank: #181
    High Grade: 4A
    Consensus Grade: 6A
    Our Grade: 5B
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Dontae was a three year starter, the last two at CB at NC State. He played safety and nickel back his first two years respectively. He amassed 201 tackles, 9 TFL, 4 SKs, 3 INTs, 13 PBUs, 1 FF, and 1 QBH in his four years. While his stats are rather pedestrian, he is a terrific athlete and citizen having already graduated with a double major. This pick is about giving the coaches an athlete to make into a player. I had him ranked higher than most because of his outstanding athleticism. If the staff can develop him on the field the 49ers will have another huge athletic CB to compete with the big WR in the Division.

    Baalke: “Versatility, intelligence and A-plus-plus character guy. We’re going to lock in and get him at corner, let him go to work.”

    Mayock: "This kid can play corner and safety. As a safety, I don't like his tackling skill set, but as a corner it's adequate. Teams either liked him or didn't like him at all. He's a better athlete than a football player. You just have to develop this kid."

    Johnson: “They just want me to come in and just be able to compete. Bring in a great work ethic. Just get out there and compete and compete at corner. That’s just what I’ve been told. I’m going to go out there and play corner and it’s going to be great.”

    Hand:8 5/8
    Arm: 31 1/2
    40: 4.45
    Eff40: 4.46
    RSI: 4.39
    EXPL: 60.8

    RD5 #10 (#150 Overall) Aaron Lynch 6'5" 249 DEOLB Notre Dame/South Florida

    Our Rank: #145
    Consensus rank: #144
    High Grade: 2B
    Consensus Grade: 5A
    Our Grade: 5A
    Low Grade: 7D

    Lynch started at Notre Dame where he earned Freshman All-American honors at OLB in their 3-4 defense with consistently dominant performances. After his freshman year, he transferred to USF and sat out his sophomore year. His junior year was a major disappointment. While he showed flashes, his overall performance showed none of the dominance of his freshman year. There were apparently some off field issues - no arrests, more work ethic issues I believe, that have yet to fully come to light. The wildly different performances in his two years of play are the reason for the disparity in the grades various sites gave him. However, former Stanford Ass't. Coach and current USF coach Willie Taggert swore by him, so I'm going to believe that these things are correctible. If 49er LB coach and former USF can recover the Lynch of old, the 49ers have gotten a steal. With Aldon Smith facing a suspension, we need the depth here. He has long arms and big hands

    Baalke: “Good football player. He’s a young man that has a lot of talent, a lot of traits to work with. Huge arrow up. He’s got the keys to the car now, and it’s up to him to drive it.”

    Harbaugh: “This is a good young man who needs direction, a good structure around him where has men to look up to, to have a chance to emulate. He’ll thrive in that kind of environment… There’s a real chance to have a partnership there… He has a chance to be successful, we felt.”

    Brandt: "(At South Florida's pro day) he had a real good 10-yard time of 1.52 seconds, which is an indication that he can be a good pass rusher at the next level."

    Arm: 34
    40: 4.69
    Eff40: 4.82
    RSI: 4.94
    EXPL: 56.8

    RD 5 #30 (#170 Overall) Keith Reaser 5' 11" 189 CB Florida Atlantic

    Our Rank: #NR
    Consensus rank: #NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Reaser is a CB that I didn't get to see during the season because of injury. He tore his ACL in October and worked hard to come back for the Combine. He was red-flagged at the Combine when his MRI revealed that his body was rejecting the cadaver ligament and had to undergo a second operation. He has experience returning punts. He has good size and according to Rob Rang was timed at 4.32 in the 40 prior to injury. He will be redshirted and compete for a spot in 2015. He has experience returning kicks.

    Mayock "This is a value pick. The 49ers have so many picks, so they are picking for next year. They will put Reaser on the PUP list, but this is a 4.3 (40) corner and those are rare."

    NFL Draftscout "Reaser is a no-question draft pick if healthy, but after tearing his ACL last fall, he had a setback from surgery and was sent home from the NFL Combine. He also was not able to participate in agility tests at his April 4 pro day. Regardless, some team will get a bargain."

    Reaser: “I think I’m a guy that can do it all. Press. I can play off. I think I’m an all-around guy. I think I know the game well. I think I pick up on the defense. I think I’m an all-around corner.”

    Hand:9 1/2
    Arm: 30 3/4
    40: 4.32
    Eff40: INC
    RSI: INC
    EXPL: INC (22 reps)

    RD 6 #4 (#180 Overall) Kenneth Acker 6' 0" 190 lbs. CB SMU

    Our Rank: #NR
    Consensus rank: #NR
    High Grade: 7D
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Acker is another CB that I did not see tape on. He was a late riser however, reaching #256 NFLDraftscout.com on draft day. Acker is a two-time 2nd team All conference player with 38 starts under his belt. In his three years as a starter he compiled 159 TKL, 5.5 TFL, 1 SK, 7 INT, and 29 PBU. He also saw limited duty returning kicks and punts totaling 15 kick returns for 340 yds. (22.7 avg.), and 14 punt returns for 113 yds. (8.1 avg.). He did not run as fast as you would like and his shuttles were on the slow side as well. Acker is a long shot to make the team, but a good candidate for the practice squad.

    Brandt: "Every year a defensive back from SMU makes a roster, and Acker
    is as good as any who have been there in previous years. He had a strong pro day, with a hand-timed 4.50-second 40, a 36-inch vertical and a 6.94 three-cone drill."

    The Sports Xchange: "Acker has good size, athleticism and fundamentals. He's another player the team will try to develop into another late-round success story. He brings with him a background in returning kicks and punts, which will help him greatly as he tries to land a spot on the roster."

    Acker: "They were out at my pro day and I connected with a couple guys at that. So I mean I always felt the love coming from the team. I knew that I
    was on their board and everything and they just stayed in contact with me. But it’s good to see they liked me enough to draft me. I’m excited.”

    Hand: UNK
    Arm: 31
    40: 4.50
    Eff40: 4.53
    RSI: 4.58
    EXPL: 56.8

    RD 7 #28 (#243 Overall) Caleb Ramsey 6' 3" 293 DT/DE Boston College

    Our Rank: #NR
    Consensus Rank: #NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    For the past three years Ramsey has been listed in the preseason rankings only to get injured early and apply for another redshirt year. When healthy he has the size and athleticism to be a factor in the game. The 49ers currently list him at LB, which I find curious, as I see him as a 3-4 End. At BC compiled 90 TKL, 15 TFL, and 6.5 Sacks in 4 seasons plus 3 games. He is a stout run defender with good penetration as his numbers would suggest, but durability is a HUGE issue. His best hope is a year on the PUP list/IR to get totally healthy.

    Baalke: “The scouts were tired of grading (him) because he’s been in the last three drafts with a medical history that knocked him out the past couple seasons.”

    Maiocco: "Ramsey is seen as a defensive lineman in the 49ers’ base defense. He faces stiff competition on a deep 49ers line."

    The Sports Xchange: "Ramsey is a player the 49ers have evaluated for three-straight drafts, but injuries have prevented him from leaving school. He can play all over the defensive line and posted 36 reps on the bench press at the scouting combine. If he stays healthy, he could be a developmental player on the practice squad with a chance to make the roster in future seasons."

    Hand: 9 3/4
    Arm: 32 7/8
    40: INC.
    Eff40: INC.
    RSI: INC.
    EXPL: INC. (36 reps

    RD 7 #30 (#245 Overall) Trey Millard 6' 2" 247 Lbs. FB/HB Oklahoma

    Our Rank: #234
    Consensus Rank: #NR
    High Grade: 5A
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: 7B
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Millard was the #1 rated FB prior to his injury. He will join Reaser and Thomas on the Pup list as redshirt members of this draft class. He is a two time 1st team all conference performer. He is a big bruising blocker and tough runner who ran for 538 on 98 carries (5.5 avg.) and 6 TDs. I believe the 49ers view Millard as their Delanie Walker replacement. He has excellent hands (70 career receptions - 7 for TDs) and can be lined up at FB or HB.

    Baalke: “He’s played a lot of football at a big-time program. He’ll be asked to block, to get out into route, to block both run and pass-game and, at times, maybe very few, get the football.”

    Harbaugh: “There’s a possibility that he plays next year. We’re looking at him as a fullback, H-back.”

    Barrows: "Millard tore his ACL and another ligament in his left knee in October following a 38-30 win over No. 10 Texas Tech. The versatile Millard was a
    team captain last year. He has good size and soft hands having caught 30 passes for the Sooners in 2012."

    The Sports Xchange: "Another player coming off an ACL tear, Millard was regarded as the draft's top fullback had he not gotten injured. His health and his position combined had him fall drastically down the draft board. As one of the few teams in the NFL that still uses a fullback, Millard could be a player to pay attention to in future seasons. The 49ers' starting fullback Bruce Miller was a seventh-round in 2011."

    Hand: 9 1/8
    Arm: 31
    40: INC.
    Eff40: INC.
    RSI: INC.
    EXPL: INC.
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    49er Rookie Free Agent Signings

    The 49ers signed the following Rookie Free Agents

    Shane Skov 6' 3" 247 ILB Stanford

    Our Rank: 102
    Consensus Rank : 95
    High Grade: 2A
    Consensus Grade: 3C
    Our Grade: 4A
    Low Grade: 6C

    Skov has the size, instincts, and power to be a top 100 draft pick, but just couldn't stay healthy through the draft process. As a result, he went undrafted. He may not be as good an athlete as you would like, but is a solid football player. In SF, he will compete with Wilhoite, Borland, and Moody for a backup role at ILB and on special teams. If he is unable to get healthy the 49ers may just PUP him and defer their decision 6 weeks.

    NFLDraftscout.com"Skov's physicality and penchant for the big play will earn him high marks. But a lack of speed could limit him to teams operating out of a traditional 3-4 alignment (like the one in which he starred at Stanford). Further, with the NFL increasingly turning towards the passing game, Skov's role could be limited to just first and second down."

    49ers.com:"Played in 54 games (48 starts) for the Cardinal, registering 355 tackles, 40.5 TFLs, 17.0 sacks, 5 FFs, 3 FRs and 13 PDs. As a senior, earned Second-Team All-American honors from the Football Writers Association and third-team accolades from the Associated Press. The First-Team All-Pac-12 selection was also named the league’s Defensive Player of the Year by Athlon Sports and was the recipient of Stanford’s Jim Reynolds Award given to the individual who showed the most leadership on the team in 2013. Led the team for the third straight season with a career-high 109 tackles, while adding 5.5 sacks, 3 FFs and 2 FRs. In 2012, started all 13 games, leading the team with 81 tackles while earning Honorable Mention All-Pac-12 honors. Also earned Honorable Mention All-Pac-12 honors in 2010 as well as Honorable Mention Freshman All-American marks by College Football News in 2009. Originally attended Piedmont (CA) HS as a freshman, in 2006, before transferring to Trinity-Pawling (NY) HS for his final three prep seasons. Also lettered in basketball and track and field. Majored in management science and engineering. Born 7/9/90 in San Francisco, CA.

    Hand: 10
    Arm: 30 5/8
    40: 5.09
    Eff40: 4.87
    RSI: 4.83
    EXPL: 68.4

    Morgan Breslin 6' 1" 250 OLB USC

    Our Rank: 159
    Consensus Rank: 186
    High Grade: 3D
    Our Grade: 5B
    Consensus UDFA

    Breslin was another player who fell because he could not stay healthy throughout the draft process. He had ankle, hip, and hernia injuries as a senior which limited him to 5 games. Breslin was a highly recruited JC transfer who only played 18 games at the FBS level. When healthy he exhibited explosive ability at both DE and OLB registering 24 TFL and 21 sacks in those 18 games. He played DE in a 4-3 as a junior and OLB in a 3-4 as a senior, so he could be a good fit in the 49ers multiple scheme defense. Worse case scenario, he is an ace special team player replacing Bubba Ventrone with a more economic choice.

    NFLDrafscout.com: Considering that Breslin's ability to rush the quarterback has been his greatest asset as an NFL prospect, the hip and ankle injuries could very well cause NFL teams to hesitate in the first three rounds, which is where his tape indicated he could have been selected. If he's able to fully rebound with no lingering effects, he could end up a mid-to-late round steal.

    :49ers.com: "Played in 18 games at the University of Southern California after transferring from Diablo Valley College, in 2012. At USC, totaled 77 tackles, 17.5 sacks, 4 PDs, 1 FF and 1 FR in two seasons with the Trojans. In five games in 2013, registered 15 tackles and 4.5 sacks. In 2012, had 62 tackles, including a team-high 19.5 for loss, a team-high 13.0 sacks, 4 PDs, 1 FF and 1 FR. He was tied for 5th nationally in sacks and ranked 15th in tackles for loss. Was named Second-Team All-Pac-12 and USC's Defensive Lineman of the Year. At Diablo Valley College, in 2011, recorded 13.5 sacks and was named a First-Team JC Athletic Bureau All-American, a First-Team J.C. Grid-Wire All-American and All-Golden Gate Conference Defensive Player of the Year. In 2010, registered 14.5 sacks and was selected to the JC Athletic Bureau All-State Region II First Team and All-Golden Gate Conference First Team. Attended Las Lomas (Walnut Creek, CA) HS where he was named a 2008 Second-Team Max Preps All-State Division II selection and First-Team San Francisco Chronicle All-Bay Area, as a senior. Born 7/8/91 in Walnut Creek, CA.

    40: 4.60
    Eff40: INC.
    RSI: INC.
    EXPL: 71

    James "L. J." McCray 6' 210 SS/FS/KR Catawba

    Our Rank: NR
    Consensus Rank: NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    McCray is a player I saw no tape on, but was very impressed with his proday showing at Wake Forest. He has all of the measurables - size, speed, explosion, and the production to match it. He has lots of experience, albeit at the Division II level. Played in 42 games with 38 starts and is a three time 1st team all conference player. He has a shot to make the team as depth at safety and a special teams ace - he has three career kickoff returns for TDs. However, he has no collegiate experience returning punts.

    49ers.com:"Played in 42 games (39 starts) in four years at Catawba College. Started all 11 games in 2013, registering 78 tackles and 2.0 sacks and was named First-Team All-South Atlantic Conference. Also had a team-high 21 kick returns for 477 yds. (22.7 avg.). In 2012, appeared in all 11 games (10 starts) and was named First-Team All-SAC after registering 79 tackles, 4 PDs and 2 INTs. Received a medical redshirt in 2011 after sustaining a season-ending injury in the first game of the year. Played in all 10 games in 2010, recording 61 tackles and 2 PDs en route to being named First-Team All-SAC. Ranked first in Division II, averaging 32.5 yds. on kickoff returns. Started played in 10 games (8 starts) as a true freshman in 2009, registering 25 tackles, 2 PDs, 1 INT and 1 FF. Attended Harding University (Charlotte, NC) HS and was named All-Queen City 3A/4A after returning three kickoffs for TDs and registering 7 INTs in his senior season. Born 6/18/91 in Georgetown, SC."

    40: 4.52
    Eff40: 4.42
    RSI: 4.36
    EXPL: 70.3

    Kory Faulkner 6' 3" 229 QB Southern Illinois

    Our Rank: NR
    Consensus Rank: NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Faulkner was completely off of my radar. He will compete with McLeod Bethel-Thompson for the #3 QB spot, which will probably be on the practice squad. His pro day numbers would suggest he is pretty athletic and he is pretty strong. He did 19 reps on the bench!

    49ers.com:Appeared in 32 games during his career at the University of Southern Illinois, completing 490 of 823 pass atts. for 5,347 yds. and 34 TDs. Finished his career ranked 4th in school history with 5,347 career passing yds. and tied for 5th in school history with 34 career TD passes. As a senior in 2013, started the first 8 games of the season before suffering a fractured finger. Completed 165 of 272 pass atts. for 1,997 yds. and 18 TDs. Led the Missouri Valley Football Conference with 221.9 passing yds. per game and 248.2 yds. of total offense per game. Also ran for 238 yds. and 2 TDs. Started all 11 games as a junior and completed 191 of 325 pass atts. for 1,865 yds. and 11 TDs. In 2011, played in 10 games and completed 133 of 224 pass atts. for 1,477 yds. and 7 TDs. Completed 1 of 2 pass atts. for 8 yds. in 2010. Redshirted as a true freshman in 2009. Attended Ste. Genevieve (MO) HS where he was a three-time first-team all-region and all-conference honoree. Passed for a total of 8,637 yds. and 102 TDs. Named the 2008 Missouri Class 3A Offensive Player of the Year and selected as first-team all-state by both the coaches and media. Was also voted as his conference's most valuable player. Also played basketball and golf. Born 8/11/1990 in Farmington, MO.

    Asante Cleveland 6' 5" 261 TE MiamiHand:
    40: 4.70
    Eff40: 4.86
    RSI: 4.76
    EXPL: 60.6

    Our Rank: NR
    Consensus Rank: NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Asante was used primarily as a blocker in college and was not an everydown player in their offense. He was vastly underutilized as a receiver in their offense. His workout numbers show that he has adequate athleticism to go with his tremendous size. He will compete with Celek and Carrier for the #3 TE spot and perhaps a spot on the practice squad.

    Dane Brugler, NFLDraftScout.com:"Despite eight starts in 2013, Cleveland was underutilized in Miami's offense as a pass catcher with only three catches as a senior, but he has the tools to possibly stick on a roster."

    49ers.com:"Saw action in 40 games (10 starts) during his career at Miami, totaling 14 recepts. for 151 yds. and 1 TD. As a senior, played in all 13 games (8 starts) and was the recipient of the 2013 Nick Chickillo Most Improved Player Award. During his junior season, played in 11 games (1 start) and finished the season with 2 recepts. for 12 yds. Saw action in 8 games during his sophomore season, mainly on special teams. As a true freshman in 2010, appeared in 8 games (1 start) and was 5th on the team in rec. yds. with 110. Attended Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA) HS and, as a senior, had 24 recepts. for 412 yds. and 7 TDs. As a junior, earned all-league honors after leading team with 21 recepts. for 262 yds. and 4 TDs. Born on 3/21/92 in Sacramento, CA."

    40: 4.88
    Eff40: 4.81
    RSI: 4.72
    EXPL: 62.2
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    Dillon Farrell 6' 5" 303 New Mexico

    Our Rank: NR
    Consensus Rank: NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Yet another player completely off of my radar. He played predominantly at center in college, but did spend some time at both left and right tackle. He was named Honorable Mention All Mountain West after his senior season in which he was part of an OLine that paved the way for a 308.8 yard per game rushing average. He will be camp insurance for Marcus Martin and Kilgore and as an outside chance at the practice squad.

    NFLDraftscout.com"Versatile offensive lineman who resumed his career at center after spending 2011 at right tackle ... will bring a veteran leadership and work ethic to the line in 2013 ... poised to have a great senior year ... named a captain for the 2013 season at the end of spring practice ... showed his toughness along with LaMar Bratton as the two offensive linemen to take every snap in 2012 spring practice team drills ... voted team co-Offensive Line MVP with Bratton in 2011 ... has a good knowledge on the innerworkings of all five line spots...trained behind first team all-Mountain West center Erik Cook during his redshirt season in 2009...Cook is now with the Washington Redskins ... teammates voted Farrell the Lobos' Most Valuable Offensive Scout in 2009 ... a late bloomer who, amazingly, was 5-8 and 160 pounds as a ninth grader."

    49ers.com:"Appeared in 48 games (45 starts) for the Lobos. As a senior in 2013, started all 11 games in which he played at center. In 2012, started all 13 games at center. Appeared in all 12 games in 2011, making 6 starts at right tackle, 2 at left tackle and 1 at center. As a freshman in 2010, started all 12 games at center after redshirting in 2009. Attended Christian Life Academy (Baton Rouge, LA) where he was a four-year starter on the offensive line. Named first-team all-state as chosen by the coaches and the media following his senior year of 2008. Born 9/7/90 in Baton Rouge, LA."

    40: 5.06
    Eff40: 5.20
    RSI: 5.27
    EXPL: 63.8

    Fouimalo Fonoti 6' 4" 310 OG Michigan St.

    Our Rank: NR
    Consensus Rank: NR
    High Grade: UDFA
    Our Grade: UDFA
    Consensus Grade: UDFA
    Low Grade: UDFA

    Yet another player off of my radar, Fonoti broke into the starting line-up late in the 2012 season and started 11 games as a senior. He missed the first two games with an injury. He was named Honorable Mention All Big 10 as a senior. His workout numbers were pretty good. The 49ers list him at guard, so we should presume their intention is to add him to the competitive mix in the interior of the offensive line. His best hope is a spot on the practice squad.

    49ers.com: "Played in 30 career games (24 starts) for the Spartans. During his senior season, played at right tackle in all 14 games, including 11 consecutive starts to close out the season. Was an Honorable Mention All-Big Ten selection and was nominated for the Allstate Good Works Team for his community involvement. Played 136 snaps in the first two games of the 2012 season before missing the final 11 games of the season with a foot injury. As a junior, started the final 11 games at right tackle, playing 659 snaps during the regular season and did not allow a sack. Spent the 2009 and 2010 seasons at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA, where he was a JUCO All-American selection. Attended Mayfair (Lakewood, CA) HS and was named to the Long Beach Press-Telegram Dream Team as a senior. Majored in criminal justice. Born 11/15/90 in Lakewood, CA."

    40: 5.12
    Eff40: 5.15
    RSI: 5.18
    EXPL: 61.3
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