Not sure if there are any mothers reading this but Happy Mother's Day anyway. And I know there's rough weather there. So here's some stuff that's been observed and said and my lowly opinions too.

RISE UP! sorry, it is sickening isn't it?

Starting in 2008 the Falcons won 20 regular season games in two years. The next three seasons they won over 30 games. The 6th season, lucky 2013, the so called "process" fell apart.

I could cite the O-line which would take a very long post, so to make it short, the O-line sucked last season and I see no additions through FA nor the draft that will change things immediately. That alone gives one to reason it'll be a slow start to the '04 season. If the minds dedicate to the run game, even stubbornly like recently, there is a chance the line melds after a few games.

RISE UP!!! oops sorry

btw, rise up something like, the South will rise again stuff? Shuttup about rising up until your team wins three Super Bowls,...mongrels.

Next letter, trying to get inside to watch the new players, which it ain't gonna happen. Falcons are closing the doors to media unless it's the big boys(ESPN/CBS/NBC/Disney/ABC/NYTimes).

Stay thirsty Comrades. There'll be a day of reckoning for that thirst guaranteed.