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Thread: 2014 Draft Review (Day 3)

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    2014 Draft Review (Day 3)

    After my criticism of Days 1 & 2, I thought the Giants did better on Day 3. That being said, I am not completely sure they maximized the value of their picks so I will have to give them a B for Day 3

    ROUND 4
    Probably the last of the upper tier of RB in the draft so glad they landed Williams here. Lack of ideal athleticism and breakaway speed is why he was available on Day 3. Little experience as a receiver or pass blocking which makes me wonder how that will play with Tom Coughlin. David Wilson's status is in question and right now the top back-up is Peyton Hillis so they needed to address the position

    ROUND 5
    Undersized and questionable athleticism, but appears to have tremendous instincts. Should also help on Special Teams. Will Hill's status is uncertain, Antrel Rolle is a FA after this year and Cooper Taylor and Stevie Brown are coming off injuries so, despite the numbers, a S did need to be drafted

    Another player who might not have ideal athleticism, but plays faster. Played everywhere (OLB, MLB, DE) for USC. Wherever the team wanted him to play he played and did not complain. I like his upside if allowed to focus on one position. Will likely play SAM linebacker and has some ability as a pass rusher. Football bloodlines as he is the son of Derek Kennard.

    ROUND 6
    Started as a WR and special teamer then moved to defense. Although the Giants do not have a lot of CB's signed long-term, my question with this pick is that, even if he does great, there are a lot of players costing more to cut under contract for this season. If he does that well would the Giants be able to keep him on the practice squad? Putting him on IR with a mysterious injury would not allow him to develop like the practice squad would. I would have favored adding a pass rusher or taking someone like James Hurst and redshirting him

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    My thoughts were a tad more accurate regarding Day 3 so far (thank god!). Andrew Wiliams will be rotating with Peyton Hills as Jennings's back-up as David Wilson was forced to retire due to injury. Pass blocking still needs work and did not get many looks as a receiver in the preseason. Showed a lot of power as a runner but does not have that next gear to break away from defenders. As I said after the draft, S was a need and it definitely reared its ugly head with Taylor going down with an injury and Will Hill wearing out his welcome due to yet another suspension. Not sure he is ready to be a regular, but will play on Special Teams. Kennard looked more impressive than advertised and was getting reps with the first team very early on. Will be a back-up when Beason gets back, but flexibility allows the Giants to get rid of underperforming players like Mark Herzlich or Spencer Paysinger. Bennett Jackson had some flashes, but was clearly not ready so he is on the Practice Squad

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