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Thread: 2014 Draft Review (Days 1 & 2)

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    2014 Draft Review (Days 1 & 2)

    Overall I give the Giants a C-

    ROUND 1
    The one pick I liked of the Giants picks in the first three rounds of the 2014 Draft. While people were hyping Mike Evans due to his size, it was ODB who I had as my second ranked WR behind Sammy Watkins. Before the draft I set three realistic targets for the Giants first pick: Beckham Jr., Aaron Donald, Zack Martin. It turned out all of them were there and, of the three, Beckham Jr. had the highest grade. Played in a Pro Style offense and, despite his size, has a large catching radius. Exciting player when the ball is in his hands

    ROUND 2
    The consensus top C in this draft. Well okay, but this year that is like saying who is the thinnest sumo wrestler. When I watched Richburg play I saw him get pushed around by COLLEGE DT's. He was going up against some players who will not be playing in the NFL and he struggled against them. He is a guy that needs at least a year or two getting stronger before even being competitive for a position. If the Giants wanted that type of player they could have waited until Round 5 or 6 and taken someone like Wesley Johnson or Gabe Ikard. Kony Ealy/Timmy Jernigan/Morgan Moses in the 2nd plus better players in 3rd and 4th Rounds because you filled other needs a round sooner and then taking Ikard/Johnson is better, IMHO, than taking Richburg, Bromley and whoever we take in Rounds 4 & 5. While I doubt he would have been there with the Giants 3rd Round pick, I do not think it would have been that great of a loss if he wasn't around at that point

    ROUND 3
    When I watched him play I liked him a lot...in ROUND 6! Reminds me of guys like Jay Alford and Markus Kuhn who the Giants have not been successful in developing. Reeks of Jerry Reese doing his annual "I am smarter than you and I am going to show it here." Can be a penetrator but needs to get bigger, stronger and be more consistent in his technique work. It is picks like this why the Giants have had to rely to heavily on Free Agency to fill depth. Da'quan Jones is larger, more physical and more consistently productive in college if the Giants wanted a DT at this point

    Overall, while I am thrilled with the selection of Odell Beckham Jr., the Day 2 picks really leave me scratching my head and that is why I gave the Giants a C- so far

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    So after the first preseason it looks like the opposite of what I thought took place. Beckham Jr. has been bothered by nagging injuries so his grade is Incomplete as of now. Richburg still needs to get stronger, but looked bettter than expected. With Schwartz's injury and Snee's retirement he will open the season at LG, Depending on how the interior of the OL do with Schwartz out it will be interesting to see what the Giants do when Schwartz is healthy. Bromley also looked better than expected although he is still the #4/#5 DT on the roster (along with Kuhn) and I am still not sure the Giants could afford spending a 3rd Round pick on someone who likely won't contribute at all this year

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