After last season's debacle, it was clear the Falcons head honchos wanted to get more physical on defense and run the ball more. Last season Matt Ryan broke the franchise record for pass attempts and completions but that won only him an honor after a 4 win season.

On the NFLN Brian Billick said quickly after the Falcons drafting of the Wisconsin DT, "they are wanting to get more physical."

Finally after so many years of begging the Falcons GMs to build the lines, this year they do?!? This Falcons fan is happy to see no 1st or 2nd round picks traded to move up or used to aquire a washed up player.

The inside defensive line for Atlanta will be stout. On offense another running back must emerge to backup Jackson. I could mention a possible such guy,...he played some last season and noone knows about him which is great!