As I join McKay, Pioli and Dimitroff as the fourth Falcons GM, my say is final.

We already addressed the O-line in free agency and have a solid backup group from the last three years, all later round picks.

Judging from what the 5 teams ahead of the Falcons are wanting to draft there's three areas that a fine player could be had at #6.

Wide receiver-Why not?

Running Back-It is a fact the Falcons run game needs help. With the additions of the two former Chiefs on the O-line Steven Jackson must have help, his age and all that.

CORNERBACK-Why the Hell not? At 6 it's a good chance you draft the top corner.

I have to get back to the War Room and fix mixed drinks before the draft. That Dimitroff is a beast when he gets a few whiskey sours in him. He's talented finding players,...after the third round so best get him drunk tonight.