This guy who actually earns money being wrong about the Braves, Hawks and Falcons now wants the Falcons to trade up to get Clownie.

He's a good sports writer but often misses the general picture and focuses on something that doesn't ever materialize such as he predicting the Falcons would be a dynasty after the 1998 season. He failed to mention there was a roster overhaul in 1999 resulting in 5 win season in 1999. The Falcons would fail to make the playoffs the next two seasons.

Now he wants to trade picks, most likely a valuable player(like some idiots suggest), in a package to draft a complete athlete no doubt. Clown has it all, speed, agility, vertical and horizontal and that's about all.

Sounds like a coach is telling Clownie,...GO GET THE QB! Or maybe, go get the BALL! It's that simple when you're talented enough to out-perform seasoned veterans as a rookie, Mark Bradley assumes the young man can do.