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Thread: Its almost time!

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    Its almost time!

    I'm expecting Cards to look at DB, OLB, OL, and maybe a skill guy with their 1st four picks. I strongly anticipate we look to trade out of #20 and there is reason to believe it will be a 'hot spot' for trades. The Cards are very much a BPA team, but keep in mind they eliminate over half the board (Cards run a 120 player board) so any red-flagged player or player that simply doesn't fit them schematically is totally off the board no matter how far they fall. I really do not see the Cards taking a round 1 QB this year as the Super Bowl is here locally and the team wants to make an honest effort to maximize the team for the short term. That being said if QB were the BPA at #20 its possible. Only they know how they have these guys rated. The last thing to consider is this may well be the last year in Arizona for Larry Fitz, so again they will be all-in. As much as it may seem laughable to say Cards and Super Bowl, they did beat the champs at Seattle last year, and if they are luckier with injuries than SF and Seattle this time out, there is no reason to think they couldn't win the West if they are able to get some key additions in the draft that can play right away.
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    Well, we did trade down.
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    While most people had a round 2 grade on Buchanon, he's definitely a guy I liked and in a class with very little depth at S, he was the best pure SS type (Pryor is a bit smallish and Dix is a tweener). Getting an extra pick while grabbing a guy that can likely start from day 1 at our position of strongest need works for me. There is simply a lot more depth at the other need positions: it was a now or never move if the cards wanted to come out of this draft with a SS. Not to mention I think internally they liked him more than other guys like Dix. If this guy's mental game can catch up with his combination of speed and toughness, watch out.
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    Niklas was a bit unexpected but fits in with the idea of getting guys that can impact this year. I would have liked him more r3 but its not sure he would have lasted. He needs some coaching up but certainly has the frame to dominate.
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