Might've been Coryell, may have been Marv Levy, others before them too. Looking at those old offenses was the same damn thing as the run and shoot offense.

The Colts when Manning was there, the Broncos now that Manning is there, it's the run and shoot albeit with longer routes. The old fad is now the new fad but no media member wishes to acknowledge history.

Warren Moon, remember him? Moon came out of the Canadian league to Houston, matched up with Jerry Glanville,...and Glanville handed the reigns to Moon and O-coor thus introducing the run and shoot offense. Not hardly.

This offensive approach has been used since the 1930's.

The current Saints offense is nothing less than the run and shoot offense. Back in the early '90's the Falcons offense from 1990 to 1997 was a pure, all out run and shoot attack.

So maybe, just maybe Glanville was ahead of his time by always wanting the offense to run up and down the field quickly and focus on the defense to decide the game. That idea might confuse people, especially iggles fans, but it makes sense in more than one way. And it appears more teams are going this route.