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Thread: Wish list/ ideas for the upcoming draft

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    Wish list/ ideas for the upcoming draft

    With the draft just 10 days away here is what I'm thinking....

    In the 1st round I like LB K Mack, LB A Barr or QB B Bortles. If those three are all gone I hope they do their best to find a way to trade back and add more picks.

    In the 2nd I like CB K Fuller, G Xavier Su'a-Filo or DE Stephon Tuitt. I know all three of them could go in the later part of the 1st round, but I'm hoping one falls to us.

    In the early 3rd I like QB Z Mettenberger, S Deone Bucannon, or WR Jordan Matthews

    In the late 3rd I like ILB Jordan Zumwalt, RB Jeremy Hill, QB Tom Savage

    In the 4th I like DT DaQuan Jones, G Trai Turner

    Here are some later round prospects I think look interesting...

    RB Marion Grice
    OLB/DE Trevor Reilly
    S Alden Darby
    WR Cody Hoffman
    QB Bryn Renner
    CB Shaquille Richardson

    What are you guys thinking?
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    If Manziel or BW are not there in the first then we should go with Mack. If none of those are there we should trade down for more picks. I am not a big fan of bortles...and am even less of a fan of mettenberger who I see becoming a backup in a good year.

    It may not be a horrible idea to take two qb's along the way if we want to hedge our bets. If we trade down for more we could possibly pick up two qb's....or just go all in on D (and add 1 rb) and try to pick up a qb next year. After the first round the odds of finding a qb are so slim that it becomes a crapshoot (I know it happens but even roulette and slots have winners now and again...doesn't mean we should bet on the odds), but perhaps hedging our bets and going for two will give us the best shot. Bad idea? Axe ponder..pick up two young bucks...let em fight it out the next two years then start the winner of the battle.

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    There are supposedly to be 7 "elite" prospects.

    These players should earn Pro Bowl recognition early and rank among the top five at their respective positions in two to three years.

    1) Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina
    2) Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
    3) Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
    4) Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo
    5) Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
    6) Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
    7) Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

    Now, I am torn because i kinda think that Mike Evans might be available for our #8. Do we trade it to Detroit (who supposedly really like him to go with megatron) and pick-up a pick or take him for ourselves?

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    Ever since the Vikings made a play for Henry Melton in free agency I had the feeling that Zimmer was not sold on Floyd. I just have this feeling that if the QB they covet is not there at 8, they're going to go after Aaron Donald, DT from Pittsburgh. It seems to me that DT position is one of the keys in Zimmer's defense. Donald would instantly become the Geno Atkins of the Vikings' defense ... a slicing, penetrating, non-stop force in the middle of the defense. So with that said,

    1st - QB, if there is one they covet or DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh (Could see them dropping down a few spots and still landing him.)

    2nd - Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville (He seems to be falling like a rock ... I could even see the Vikings trading back into the bottom of the first round to land him.) or Ryan Shazier, LB Ohio State (if he's still around)

    3rd (A) - QB A J McCarron from Alabama or a safety like Deone Bucannon from Washington State (probably goes in the 2nd round).

    3rd (B) - OL Billy Turner North Dakota St or Telvin Smith, LB Florida State

    4th - Stanely Jean-Baptiste, CB Nebraska or Terrance West, RB Towson

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    I think is too early to know if zim is sold on floyd. it's now that he is about to find out...although i suppose game film will show his lack of real impact last season. i would be happy with the donald pick as we would have one hell of a d-line for years to come...great depth too. i could see us picking up at least two lb out of the batch too. another corner is on the list. i am actually feeling like we could have a pretty great core for the coming years. i just hope it bears fruit in time for ap to see the lights at the end of the playoffs before he begins to slip down hill. fingers crossed that's years from now.

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    With the recently deluted drug test at the combine news I still like Mettenberger, but I would be inclined to gamble on him still being there at end of the 3rd or with our 4th rounder now. I had him as a possible early 3rd round option when I started this thread.

    With our first I still want LB K Mack, but he isn't gonna be available. I still like QB Bortles too, but if he is available I'm thinking it might be worth it to trabe back picking up a couple more picks and gamble on still getting him. If that backfires there are a few other good plan B options at QB for rounds 2-4.

    I can't wait for Thursday to get here. I hope this draft is as exciting as last year's.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    No more reaching for QB's we did with ponder and it set us back. Draft best player available in 1st round if that happens to be a QB so be it.

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