In the late 80's Marion Campbell did it. Glanville did it, so did Dan Reeves. #1 what they do is sitck with a high pick bust long enough to prove the pick was a bust. But also, #2, when they move to another franchise as head coach/GM they sign players they drafted when working for another franchise.

The Falcons hired former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, and truthfully I can't recall what his title means. Think it's "Official over player control, aquisition and bed-time story teller during training camp" or something. Arthur Blank LOVES his posse. McKay, Dimitroff and now Pioli too? Must be nice to be a billionaire and enjoy paying three employees for the price of one. But we know this relationship between Dimitroff and Pioli was the only reason for that stupid trade to acquire Tony Gonzales in 2009.

Now the Falcons have signed THREE free agents drafted by Pioli when at KC. None of them are particularly outstanding but will contribute because like #1, they will stick with the guys they draft either out of stubborness or something we little people aren't seeing.

I'm praying the Falcons remain set at #6 and quit this "SUCKER for the quick reward" again.

Clown won't help the Falcons back into the playoffs.