It appears the media wants the Falcons to trade up, even to #1 dealing with the Texans. Makes no sense to go after Clown when there's serious holes in the secondary and the O-line, not to mention gaping HOLES at running back after Steven Jackson. Tight end? Fullback?

Fullback leads me to this other NFLN tidbit. The talking head said this morning under his breath, analyzing the Cards schedule, the Falcons will be running the ball more this season. Even picked the Falcons to win the game next Fall against the Cards and here it is April?

Anyway, what lots of people don't know is the Falcons wanted to run the ball more last season. Why sign a vet RB for millions and not use him?

Before Jackson got hurt last season the Falcons were, essentially, passing the ball to set up the run. When he got hurt they were passing the ball to set up the pass because they were down so many points.

We'll see about these two NFLN points. The Falcons will trade up to choose Clowney and the 2014 offense will be run-heavy,...we'll see.