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Thread: The Jesus wife parchment

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    I live an evidence based life. I believe in things that are real
    You have displayed more faith than anyone on this board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    I live an evidence based life. I believe in things that are real
    A good quote from a good old friend. Let his wisdom sink in..

    Faith involves knowing what is most important in life and knowing it with, in a sense, a high degree of certitude, based on "evidence of things unseen."

    But faith is not the normal kind of knowledge. That comes from adding up the numbers or being an eyewitness. With faith, we could be mistaken or misunderstand the things unseen.

    Picking up on something Chris Hill said, you have to be able to say "I know" and "I don't know" at the same time; and let others say both as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedgreen View Post
    Excellent insights AFL. I know many ex-Catholics and one who used to call himself a "recovering Cathoholic". I try and remain neutral as I know many devout Catholics and respect their faith.

    Maybe someday bit will give God another change and put religion and excuses behind him. Progressive atheism just leads to Marxist materialism and ultimately hedonism/nihilism.
    Fascinating to see some hard feelings towards a religion of any kind. There are Catholics in South America, Phillipines, Hell everywhere. There are two denominations of that religion and the meaning of that word catholic in universal.

    Who gives a rat's ass if Jesus had a brother, a wife and maybe even chilrens. He was made man. Whatever, great to read posts here, ya'll are great thinkers.

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    Just imagine if these folks came out and said Mohammed was a homosexual! Christianity is an easy target!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frequent Flyer View Post

    Japan's creation myth
    WHAT????? lol

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