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Thread: Bit wants me to die????

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    All I know is every move the NFL makes involves money and how they can make more. If tney moved the draft to May, it was or SOME financial reason.
    It gives the players more time to get arrested so teams know what they really need in the draft!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    OK...I'll put this to bed now for real. While I do think (and as Larry, AFL and some others reiterated) Bit definately straddled the "decency line" with the stroke comment and I admit I was taken a back by it some, I don't REALLY believe Bit wishes death or stroke on me and I wasn't quite AS offended as I let on. I'd say 90% of my posts in this thread were with tongue firmly planted in cheek to try drive him a little batshit crazy by a) doing to him what he does to others when he maipulates, twists, avoids and cherry picks their words to suit his agenda and b) expose the hypocriscy of his "name calling" complaints after he essentially took it to another level! In fact, a few posters (thanks know who you are) saw through what I was doing and jumped in. And if you read the entire thread and his comments...I think my mission was accomplished!!!

    So hopefully now Bit will see that he brings most of the insults (and like it or not, insults are a part of message board life) he gets from me AND others upon himself by his own actions and maybe he will learn something from this. He CAN bring substantive things to the table but usually sabotages himslef when he gets challenegd and goes into "Bit mode". Maybe that will change...

    And also, its early April, FA is basically over, the idiot NFL pushed the draft back another 2 weeks, there is NOTHING happening, and this board is I got a little bored and decided to have some fun!!!
    Now that's showing graciousness MSG, me i wouldn't have given the TOOL the satisfaction. your a better man then me. The little dove of peace would've been plucked!!!!

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