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Thread: bears getting allen...at least it wasnt the pack..

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    bears getting allen...at least it wasnt the pack..

    I can no longer root for allen...that blows. gb and chicago upgraded d' and at our expense...with peppers headed to gb. May they have quiet years...except when they play each other.

    Our draft needs to be flawless.

    Fingers crossed boys.


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    I'm not so sure on Allen. I won't be surprised in the least if Griffen gets more sacks next season. Allen is falling off fast and has been riddled with minor injuries for almost 2.5 seasons now and it noticeably hurt him. Nonstop nagging injuries like that tend to mark the end for players that need to rely on quickness.

    I'm sad to see him go but, I think it was timed very well for us.

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    I agree that Allen is at the end of his career and it was time to move on with Griffen primed to take his place. With that said I will miss Allen and I don't look forward to facing him twice a year for the next 2 - 3 years. He might not be the same dominate DE he was with the Vikings, but I think he has enough left in the tank to still be productive. Baring injury I see him putting up between 8-12 sacks for the Bears this season and I think a couple of them will come at the expense of the Vikings.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah...vs kalil if he doesn't get his ass into shape this year.

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