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Thread: Screw this clown and this site,...IF

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    Screw this clown and this site,...IF

    IF it's allowed to stalk someone online, allowed to make snide remarks and post insulting emoticoms here then I'm done.

    I can't handle this mfer anymore Quartermaster. He will NOT leave me be so be it. Problem is I love this site always have. It gives info from the West Coast which is great.

    It has been great to get knowing the Panthers and Jets fans here. I'm done for a while boys.

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    this site is supposed to be about the falcons .
    any thread or post i make in here about the falcons either brings a reply or a new thread with something negative about the eagles or me .
    as everyone knows by now , you have / are / will try to destroy this site and anyone who posts here since you were stripped of your host status on this forum and the ensuing ban you received .
    you are the troll here , and , everyone knows it . if no one posts here neither do you , as soon as someone does you come on and bad mouth them .
    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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