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Thread: vikes sign another de - wooten from chi...our depth is shaping up

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    vikes sign another de - wooten from chi...our depth is shaping up

    kw looks to be gone for good now. we just pulled in wooten frm the bears who had 7 sacks in 2012 after an injury last year...hip i think...sidelined him some. looks like we are getting deeper on the line...now to deal with our lb and secondary.



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    I like the Corey Wooten signing better than the Tom Johnson signing. Wooten sounds like he could turn into a starter ... maybe take over for B Rob in two years. Tom Johnson sounds more like a strictly rotational DT without any upside.

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    agreed. completely. i also think that wooten could share time with both our starters to keep them fresh, without much of a drop from doing so on his part...at least hold down the fort while the big boys get their gatorade. mainly i am happy that we have enough depth that we can really focus on the db's and lb's now in the draft. i could see us taking at least two more for the backfield and two more lb's in the draft.

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    in case you don't remember who this guy is... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrLnBWY_ga0 ...and that was the end of our days of having a real qb.


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