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Thread: Report: Premiums rising faster than eight years before Obamacare COMBINED

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    Sounds good in theory, but not when the Govt takes out the competition and gobbles it up and the "safety net" becomes a full-blown bureaucracy. And the same is happening to small businesses all over the country these days.

    Just look at Social Security. This was never designed to be the Ponzi scheme that it is today because most people DIED before eligibility. It was supposed to be a very modest amount for hard luck cases and those who could not pull their own weight. Now, it's viewed as part of retirement, even though the Govt lies and tells people their money is being invested and what not when it's already earmarked and spent.
    the right wing talks alot of crap such as above but no major candidate will ever run on a platform that includes ending SS. Which, yes, is a ponzi scheme of sorts. It's also hugely popular and if you got your wish and it went away, society would be worse off. You can't take it away and replace it with good wishes.

    SInce we are talking about it the mortgage interest deduction kinda contributed to all this. The Gov't promoted home ownership, everyone got their own single family home and the old model where Grandma and Grandpa lived with several generations of their family went away. But again, no one's seriously talking about repealing the mortgage interest deduction, even after the housing bubble.

    another simple fact is that people live longer than they did in the pre-New Deal era. If you have people starving and working in unsafe conditions, guess what they don't need SS because their life expectancy isn't that high. In some respect this whole conversation is a sign that society is improving life. Penicillin for example was a huge boost to life expectancy. The lack of world wars was another huge boost.

    Things are getting better and that means more people are living longer. It's a good problem to have. Not a sign that we need to go back to the way things were in the good old days before FDR.

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