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Thread: Rank the QB's

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    Rank the QB's

    I wanted to see what everybody thought about the available QB's in this years draft. Clearly, one of them will be donning purple in 2014, but which one, and where would you hope the Vikes pick him?

    here are my thoughts:

    1. Manziel- 1st round, would be willing to trade up to 3-4 to get him. Offer the #8 pick, our 3rd rounder, and next years first. I would be fine with this price- I have an extremely high opinion of Manziel, who reminds me of Favre. I want the Vikes to have a fighter at QB.

    2. Bortles- 1st round #8- If it happens, then great. I don't want to trade up to get this guy, however.

    3. Carr- 1st round, trade up to the 28-32 range. Offer our #2, Seattles pick in the 3rd, plus a 5 next year.

    4. A.J. McCarron, 3rd round (with Seattle's pick) After the first two rounds, the QB's will begin to slide. I would be OK with the Vikes fixing the D with the first 3 picks, and then grabbing a QB here.

    5. Bridgewater- First round #8- I think he's OK, but he doesn't wow me the way he wowed some analysts during the season. Bonus points if Carter 80's theory of trading back a few slots and still getting him works

    6. Logan Thomas- 4th Round- Huge and full of tools, if we are going to develop a guy, he's as good of bet as any.

    7. Garrapolo- 2nd round, pick 8 I have no clue who this dude is, I've never watched him, but all of the "experts" say he's the 4th best QB in the draft.

    8. Tom Savage- 5th round- Lightning quick release, above average arm strength. I'd like to think Norv can do something with that.

    What do you guys think? who are your favorites, and what price would you be OK with the Vikes paying to obtain them?

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    I wouldn't trade up for any of the top three QB's (Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles). If one them happens to fall to number 8 then I would grab one. If they are all gone I would be happy selecting McCarron with the first pick in the 3rd round or Mettenberger with our second pick in the 3rd round.

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    I wouldn't trade up from #8 to get any of the QBs. Sit tight and see how it unfolds. Possibly even trade back like I mentioned in another thread.

    How I would rank them at this point...

    1) Bortles - I don't think there is any way he will fall to #8.

    2) Bridgewater - Probably the best canidate to fall to #8 at this point.

    3) Manziel - I know there is a lot of hype and excitement around this guy and he may turn out to be a great QB, but I'm gonna stick with my gut feeling that he is gonna be trouble and a bust. If the coaches are comfortable with him and like him then take him at #8 if he is available, but I'm not hoping we get him.

    4) Carr - would be very happy with him with our second rounder, but I don't think he will be available there. Ok with trading up into the end of the 1st get time too.

    5) Garoppolo - Don't know much about this guy either, but the way the analyst have been raveing about him has made me sit up and take notice.

    6) McCarron - Lacks "wow" factor, but he takes care of the ball. A safe pick for a midrounder.

    7) Mettenberger - Possible upside development player that could go later than he should due to recovering from an ACL injury.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like the lists...I still see it like this

    1 bridgewater - i followed him closely and he plays very smart football. he will be a playoff caliber qb.
    2. manziel - the type of spirit that builds a championship...and wily like fran...i hope we get him still.
    3. bortles -
    4. carr
    beyond that is a crapshoot.

    odds are only two of those qb's will amount to much...maybe 3 on a very good year right?

    at this point i like the trade down and trade up approach...getting 2-3 first rounders again...but only of mack or manziel are not there.

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    I too am a HUGE fan of the trade down and accumulate picks. Especially if Mack is gone!
    I would love to trade down a few times, accumulate additional 2nd rd picks, maybe an additional 1st next year, and still be in position in the 1st to get LB Shazier and trade back into the 1st for Carr at the end of rd 1. Still keeping added picks and getting 2 1st rders is nice.
    I would hope to have 2 1st rd picks, 2 2nd rd picks, and our 2 3rd rd picks. Very deep draft to address all areas!
    The purpose of a 1st at the end instead of a 2nd, is the extra year contract !
    I also would be okay with Garoppola in the 2nd.
    My favorite though is probably a 6th rder named Aaron Murray from Georgia. I think he's another Stafford !
    Then we could draft like so:
    1 - LB Ryan Shazier
    1 - QB Derek Carr
    2 - OG David Yankey
    2 - CB Marcus Roberson
    3 - SS Deone Buchanan
    3 - LB Telvin Smith

    How about this scenario. Move down a few picks and still take WR Mike Evans ?
    The guy is a beast! Jennings is a good WR, but really, having Evans and Patterson could be ridiculously scary. Makes ANY QB, even Cassell, look good !
    That then also makes AD even better.
    Just an idea.

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    yeah...we could look at beefing up our wr and drafting a qb much later...fales or one of the big arm guys who need to ride pine for a couple years. i don't see zimmer drafting outside a qb or lb in round one though...too big of holes to be filled and there will be a solid lb there for sure...either barr or mack if we don't trade down. but yeah...i'd like to see them trade down and take two first rounders at least.

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    Meant to post this earlier but I kept forgetting. Quick and dirty version I guess.

    1) Bridgewater - not too much to explain really
    2) Carr - Not sure why he is rated so low. Needs to work on poise but, who doesn't at this stage. He has every other tool. Seems like a classic case of over-analysis to me. Honestly, he has the least amount of bust potential in my eyes but, then again, I'm no professional analyst.
    3) Bortles - Tremendous talent but too big a gamble. Kyle Boller?
    4 etc) gets tough for me here. Garappolo I can get behind. McCarron will be at worst a capable backup (in my opinion). I'm also a fan of Murray but, later on. I don't know a lot about a bunch of the late guys.

    On the topic of Manziel, I have to say, he's not on my list. Too much of a gamble for me. I forget the analyst but, one said they didn't see him being "ok". Either a huge hit or a huge bust. I see too much bust to think he's worth the risk. Not a fan of his attitude nor arm for that matter. I could be entirely wrong but, I'd prefer not to take the risk when we have such a solid rebuild going on. We could be perfectly fine next season and I'd like to have more confidence in the guy we draft. Even Bortles, whom I consider a big risk, sounds a bit safer.

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    I can't see bortles as anything more than the poor man's Colin Kaepernick. Boller was an interesting comparison. He doesn't do anything for me. Too raw and honestly, I think ponder is better than he is right now...maybe his upside is there...but really, i just am not seeing excitement or wins with bortles as the vikes qb. maybe i will be eating crow...we will see. Manziel has the potential to come in like Moss once he has time to gel with the offense. I see him as having the biggest upside of any of the qb's in this draft.

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    Right now, I'd say Ponder is better than all of them by technicality. He's got experience and we can get wins behind him with a supporting cast. Not a lot but, we could. I'm still a bit oldschool in that I don't really think most rookies should start right away at QB. Most just aren't ready. I think we've been spoiled recently with some that are. Several of which have had great running tools (paired with poise too) that helped lubricate the process. Ponder is a good example here. I think if he had the old Martz approach of not playing for the first two years, he would have stood a much better shot at being a good starter (especially considering the lack of off-season his first year). I mean, we all saw what happened with him. His development just stalled. He hit a wall after a promising start. He may still recover but, a bit more sheltered time to get up to speed might have prevented that. Hindsight is always 20-20 I guess.

    Bridgewater has very few knocks on him and I could see him having the potential to be a day 1 starter. Bortles, not a chance. He's a 2 year guy unless you want to put him at risk. Carr has a chance. He has all of the tools but, needs to get comfortable in an NFL pocket. For some guys, getting to the pros is all it takes to gain that. Some step in with new confidence immediately and can own up to that through good coaching. For many, it takes time. How much time? that's a bit different story. I'll be surprised if Carr doesn't stick around the league at least. One fixable "problem" is too much to knock the guy down. Remember, lots compared have outlined that he is a better prospect than his brother (a #1 pick). His brother didn't fair well but, that has a lot of peripheral reasons behind it too.

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    agreed on that...they need time to gestate and gel. it is going to be interesting to see how we do this year...given our holes and the time it is going to take all these new faces to learn to play together...and whole new team leadership in the lockerroom and in the front office, we have a hill to climb.

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