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Thread: Vikings Re-Sign Jerome Simpson

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    Vikings Re-Sign Jerome Simpson

    The Minnesota Vikings have re-signed wide receiver Jerome Simpson according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

    Terms of the deal are not yet available. The Vikings have and almost Fatal Attraction-style affinity for Simpson, who they have now brought in for the third time. A former second-round draft pick for the Cincinnati Bengals, Simpson has 74 catches for 1,000 yards in his two years in Minnesota. Simpson did put up a career year yardage-wise in 2013. He returns as probably the Vikings' No.3 wideout, running opposite second-year phenom Cordarrelle Patterson on the outside while Greg Jennings mans the slot.

    I assume this will be a 1 year pact for 1 million or less, but I could be wrong. Judging by the Vikes other signings, I would guess we would be able to escape from any long term contract penalty free.

    I disagree with the articles assumption that Simpson would be our #3 WR. I think Wright has that role locked down, and Simpson is likely a qualified backup to either of the outside positions and the 4th overall wideout.

    I know that Jerome is a boom or bust type of player, but we all watched this guy flip over another man to score a touchdown. As long as the price isn't to high, I want that on my team. Let's see if this guy can make it through the season without Fed Ex-ing himself a pound of weed.

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    hahahahahha....if he can make it without fedexing himself a pound of weed...hhahahahahahaha

    thanks for that. oh man.

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    Can't complain. He's a very good playmaker at times. Inconsistent, yes, but he can have great stretches too. You can't really ask for more when the guy isn't going to be your starter. Sub-par starter but a very high level reserve. I won't ever complain about a cheap deal to bring in a guy like that to be a backup.

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