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Thread: Obama lectures the middle class on budget priorities

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedgreen View Post
    He grew up in prep school/ivy league, pampered America, just like most other Presidents. Like most things bot posts, his "hard upbringing" is a myth, largely created by Barry himself lying about it (like his mother being denied health care for cancer). And his academic credentials are off limits!

    what does this post prove that he was rich because he went to a prom? or smoked weed? Look at that jacket it is not a rich man's suit. Obama was socio-economically the closest thing to a middle class President we have seen since Clinton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    easy explanation every one needs insurance whether they want it. Or think they don't need it. The whole system of healthcare for profit breaks down when there's a portion of the population who doesn't pay their bills and only goes to the ER when there's a problem.

    The mandate sounds scary and terrible ya know what else is a mandate? seatbelts. Why should people wear seatbelts? Because people are dopes and they don't know what's good for them.
    I don't see to many young people going out to purchase affordable health care, why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MnJetFan View Post
    I don't see to many young people going out to purchase affordable health care, why not?
    Man is that one ever easy. I figured it out even before the abomination of a law was passed.

    If I was a young & healthy I would never sign up for health care before I absolutely needed it for a preexisting condition.


    Well the fine for not having health care is less than the premiums for a plan & I can't be turned down for the preexisting condition.

    Conclusion, most of the young & healthy are way, way smarter than the "Community organizer in chief", Pelosi & Reid et al. Scary huh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    Barack Obama is the son of a single mother. He's the only US President we've had for generations that actually knows what it's like to be dirt poor. He's right by the way health insurance is more important than phones and cable.

    By the way whens the last time a Republican President knew poverty in his life? Abe Lincoln? Who knows better how to balance a budget while poor, Mitt Romney?
    Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan grew up poor as well. They did not attend a prestigious private school like President Obama did, so I guess they must be more empathetic than him.

    Also, if Obama can give good advice to poor people since he was poor, does that mean he can't good advice to working people because he's never held a real job in his entire life?

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