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Thread: Captain Munnerlyn CB to visit Vikings

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    Captain Munnerlyn CB to visit Vikings

    Showing a bit of their hand it might seem by bringing in a slot CB.
    Captain Munnerlyn visiting the Vikings
    Posted by Darin Gantt on March 12, 2014, 5:27 PM EDT

    The Love Boat might not be sailing the shores of Minnesota any longer, but they might be getting a new Captain.

    Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn is visiting the Vikings, according to Ben Goessling of ESPN.com.

    Munnerlyn is a short but altogether serviceable cornerback, who can play the slot. He had 3.0 sacks and two interceptions for the Panthers last year, his fifth.

    The former seventh-round came back to the Panthers last year on a one-year deal, but is looking for something bigger this time.

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    I love the idea- A slot corner is basically a starter in the modern NFL, and it allows us to move Robinson back outside. If we were to sign Munnerlyn and then draft a solid man to man CB, our depth chart would begin to look like an NFL depth chart

    1. Xavier Rhodes
    2. Josh Robinson
    3. Cap'm
    4. Draftee
    5. Marcus Sherels

    Ideally, your "draftee" becomes a starter, and Robinson becomes quality depth that can back up both the outside and slot positions.

    A man can dream...

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    Well your dream is beginning to come true Nate with the Munnerlyn signing.

    Supposedly Henry Melton is spending the night in Minnesota. Their defensive line would be scary good if they landed Melton. He was a top 5 3-technique DT before his ACL last Fall.

    Looks like the Vikings will address LB in the draft. Barr and Mosley are definitely in play for the Vikings. Mack would be in play also but I can't imagine he'll be around at 8.

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    Good to hear that he signed. The only confirmed details I've found so far is that it is a 3 year deal. I saw one estimate that said "could be for up to $15million" but that doesn't really mean anything I guess.

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    agreed that it is a tell of what we are going to do in the draft...looks like they assume the qb's will be gone and that leaves mack or barr with our first pick. given tampa took chicagos backup to be their starter i dont see them taking a qb first round either...so they will probably grab mack. my guess is we take a lb with our first, and a qb with our second or third now.

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