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Thread: Post Joseph signing, here are my thoughts

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    Post Joseph signing, here are my thoughts

    Hello All! As the offseason is in full swing, it's time for me to get out of my hermit's hideout and check in with you.

    I am pretty pumped about this years FA period and draft, and providing a QB solution is found, I think we could have a consistent winner for the first time since the Denny era.

    Here are my offseason thoughts- feel free to weigh in and tell me if you agree/ disagree...

    Moves I already like:

    1. Everson Griffen re-signing- Not only do I love this player, but I feel he will do much better in an attacking man to man than in a cover 2. The part I really like is how the deal is structured- it's a perfect example of why I love Rob Brzezinski.

    from ESPN.com:

    Griffen got just a $6 million signing bonus, meaning the Vikings will have to count only $1.2 million of bonus money against the cap each season. He has a fully guaranteed base salary of $6.9 million in 2014, plus a $100,000 workout bonus, and has the same deal in 2015. In other words, all $20 million of Griffen's guaranteed money will have come out of the Vikings' pockets in the first two seasons, and if they cut him after 2015, 2016 or 2017, they'd have to count just $3.6 million, $2.4 million or $1.2 million in dead money against the cap, respectively.

    2. The Matt Cassel re sign- Don't overpay for your veteran bridge QB! And luckily, we didn't. I like Matt, and I like the way he plays. I feel he was the best available option at QB.

    3. Not investing 40 million into a corner- While it would have been tempting to take a look at Vontae Davis, most of the other CB's that signed on day one were poor fits (Verner), or vastly overpaid (Talib). I think that the Vikings will get a corner near the end of the first week of FA, and will end up paying about 1/3rd of the price for similar production. I think we are better off with DRC for 25-30 million less than Talib, or even stepping down from that lofty pedestal and going after Asante Samuel or Brandon Browner and Captain Munnerlyn. The truth is, I wasn't in love with ANY of the FA corners games, and I would only want the Vikes to invest 30+ million for a perfect fit. Mike Zimmer has a long history of extracting quality seasons from DB's that were thought to be washed up while also being able to develop draft picks. I am fine with giving him the chance to do so again.

    Situations I DON'T like:

    1. Not being aggressive in the OG market- Re-signing Joe Berger for depth does not count, and I fear we will be bringing back the same starting 5 unless another option comes up during the draft. I didn't want us to go after the Rodger Saffolds of the world, but I am surprised that we didn't kick the tires on Jon Asomoah or Geoff Schwartz, both of whom signed relatively affordable deals

    2. The LB situation- I hope that patience will prevail, but beyond Greenway, there is no reason for optimism on the Vikings roster. Audie Cole, Michael Mauti, Jasper Brinkley, Larry Dean, Gerald Hodges and Marvin Mitchell are not scaring anybody, let alone stopping them. At least everybody is on the cheap.

    Moves I would like to see:

    1. Sign OG David Diehl- I know he has lost about 7 steps, but he is dependable, and an upgrade over Charles Johnson, who is a potential re-sign. A veteran of Diehl's age and experience would come relatively cheap, and could effectively bridge a gap while we developed a mid round pick.

    2. Sign CB Brandon Browner to a 1 year "prove it " deal at or near the vet minimum- This is exactly what Zimmer has excelled at in the past, and Browner seems to me to be ideal for us, both in terms of height and skill set within the scheme. You could make the same argument for Chris Cook, but I am tired of that guy.

    These two moves set us up for the draft, leaving holes at the QB, OLB, and CB positions. We would also need a #2 HB, a backup DT and DE, and possible depth at SS with the later round picks.

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    Your assesment looks pretty spot on to me.

    I think your 1 year "prove it" deal with CB Browner sounds like an interesting idea. Another possible bargin CB I think looks interesting is Antoine Cason.

    I read that the Vikings will be visiting with DT Henry Melton on Thursday. If they sign him that would make two big freeagent DT signings plus last years 1st rounder Floyd. Looks like Zimmermen wants to build from the middle of the Def. A solid front four makes everyone else on defense better.
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    Pretty good assessment. I was interested to see what would happen if Zimmer was able to coach Cook but, by the sound of things, that ship has sailed. He doesn't seem to be coming back.

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