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Thread: now that matt c. is back at qb...time to go all in on defense for the draft or...

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    now that matt c. is back at qb...time to go all in on defense for the draft or...

    here is a link with the latest mock draft updates http://www.chatsports.com/minnesota-...-v30-2-9445626

    Btw that site rocks as it puts all the vikings stories together in iframes. love tech geek stuff and that is a smart site. no more searching for stories.

    anyway, now that we have our qb for the next two years i think we will likely draft a qb in the second round or third, and focus on defense....or do we go after that stud wr who is the best in years...

    I know matt c is not the long term answer but all the good qb's will be sucked up and we will be left reaching most likely so we need to either go after barr or mack and really bite down on a full defensive draft....although this next week will be telling when fa begins on tuesday.

    I also wonder if ap's tweet was ordered down from above in order to motivate matt c to sign the contract...that would make sense...and create leverage.

    looking forward to next week.


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    Well thank goodness. Now they can choose to get a Qb without stressing about it. If one falls to them in the right place, they can grab him without a reach what so ever.

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    It was certainly good news when the Vikings resigned Cassel. I like the idea of taking a QB in the third round. Personally I was kind of impressed with AJ McCarron after his combine performance. Big kid, made all the throws and I even thought he had a little attitude showing off his tats during the 40 yard dash.

    Right now it looks like the three QBs (Bortles, Bridgewater and Manzel), OT Robinson, DE Clowney, LB Mack and WR Watkins could be off the board when the Vikings select at eight. Things should clear up at the top of the first round over the next two weeks after most of the FAs are signed.

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    If you are right about the first seven players taken then LB Barr looks like the best option at 8th or trade back and add picks if they can find a team looking to move up.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great news to have Cassel back. I mean, he's no solution, we all know that, but he provides a wealth of freedom in the draft. Also, with news that we might be pursuing Soliai (NT) and Verner (CB) in free agency, we could definitely play a BPA approach with the first round. We can snag a top notch QB if one falls and not have to worry about him starting first year or hold off for one of the later guys (hope Carr falls enough to snag) like Garappolo, McCarron, Murray, etc.

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