Perusing some message boards, some I am active with and others I just lurk, it appears most Falcons fans want to draft Clowney next month. Lest we go back into history.

But to begin with this thought. Defensive ends drafted in the top ten demand top ten salaries. But this ain't about money, it's about the fans' wishes.

Back into history, does anyone remember Andre Bruce? He was first overall draft pick by the Falcons some 24 years ago from Auburn. Raiders fans should remember this guy. Clowney could be another Bruce. Bruce was unable to defend the run thus his nickname in Atlanta was "back peddle Bruce." He was the pure pass rusher and had some good games but just couldn't play to the level he did in college,...against 18 and 19 year olds. I'll never forget what was written in the paper back then. "NFL scouts are licking their lips over Andre Bruce."

Ain't putting Clown down and this guy was great at the combine, just like Bruce.

If any other team drafted Bruce he may have a bronze head in Canton. Trade down Dimitroff.