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Thread: 49ers Should Have Traded Harbaugh

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    49ers Should Have Traded Harbaugh

    No direspect meant. Harbaugh seems to be a fine coach and will be an asset up until he has the massive heart attack in some 3rd qtr game when the refs miss a call. But otherwise....

    if it was true that the Browns offered multiple picks for Harbaugh, I think York should have pulled the trigger. Just seems t me that Harbaugh's stock is pretty high and if the 49ers don;t make it to the SB next year a) Harbaugh will prolly blow a gasket b) his value will shrink.

    Look, I don;t know much about 49ers GM Trent Baalke, but it is vital to have the GM and HC on the same page. These two aren;t. Someone has to go and Baalke has a pretty impressive record. Since he took over, the 49ers went from 6-10 to 13-3 overnight. And he made the decision to recruit and bring in Harbaugh. You know, Baalke can always give harbaugh the big money he wants, but the two still won't have a good working relationship.

    So if they can't find someone who wants Harbaugh before 2015, he then leaves in 2016 and the 49ers get no compensation.

    Just my fan $.02 perspective.


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    why in the world would you get rid of arguably the best coach since Walsh....put down the crack pipe...sheesh
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    Q you need to go back to the black hole. Harbaugh and Baalke work just fine together. That whole thing was blown completely out of proportion. You've got 2 very competitive guys trying to build a consistent winner. There are going to be differences of opinion, but you need that. You need everyone's perspective to build a winner.

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    Harbaugh is a PUD.

    love ya Phred

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