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Thread: Carson Palmer/Matt Schaub Comparisons

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    Carson Palmer/Matt Schaub Comparisons

    Well Carson Palmer threw 22 interceptions and fumbled 6 times. Luckily for Carson Palmer, he was aided by the 6th best defense in the NFL and also produced 24 passing TDs. His rating for the last 5 years averages around 83. So 2013 was pretty standard Palmer with plenty of yards, decent TDs and plenty of turnovers and a 83.9 rating. Had he not been traded in 2013, he would have cost the Oakland Raiders over $15mil in 2013 and even more in 2014. He will cost the Cardinals $12mil in 2014 and $12mil again in 2015.

    Next door in Texas, Matt Schaub fell off in 2013. After having a 5 year rating average of approx. 92 , he had a tough year and was injured in the process. He chalked up 14 INTs to only 10TDs. The Texans may retain him but talk is they'll go big with QB in the draft and save over $4 by waiving Schaub. If waived, I would guess that Schaub will find a bidding war for his services So something like $8 mil a year for 3 years is not out of the realm of possibilities.

    Teams iwthout an established starting QB would be interested in Schaub as his veteran presence can solidify your offense until you find that young QB who is gonna be a long term solution.


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    Matt was drafted by the Falcons to ensure the team had a viable backup in case Vick got hurt. He was drafted out of Virginia that at that time ran a WCO. He took the WCO to Houston and had some great seasons passing over 4000 yards twice I think. To think if he had been the Falcons QB all along instead of the dog fighter, former iggle.

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