That's a great song done by Metallica although they never wrote the song.

We Falcons fans are saying this too, what?

Who cares what the AJC puts out? Who cares what Bradley, Schultz and the bed wetter writes? So when we see copied and pasted posts from iggles fans we laugh out loud. We know the sports writers are just like political writers,...from the same damn bed just like talon. This iggles troll can't even make a post of her own cause she has the Atlanta medium to copy and paste and not have any opinion of her own. Her bias is obvious.

Who cares? Are people scared of the Falcons? They should be.

This is not the 1999 Falcons when Bradley dubbed the franchise a DYNASTY!:lolx: This is not any Falcons team that has ever been built before. And the trolls like talon and the haters like the beat writers cannot see it,...amazing ignorance. Like Terrence Moore saying the Falcons messed up by not drafting the next Warren Sapp in 2008,...and the fat ass is a bust while Matt Ryan impresses.

Ahhhhhh,...that must be it,...iggles fans are eating Mike Vick every damn day and that's sweet! They are jealous of Ryan while they have Superman wearing that puke green uniform.

This season will be very fun.