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Thread: Glass half full ?

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    Glass half full ?

    The Falcons celebrate another C-minus pick. Or is it an A-plus?

    By Mark Bradley

    The nice thing about – as opposed to ESPN the TV networks, about which there’s not much nice – is that if you click around you can find some writer in Worldwide Leader cyberspace who agrees with whatever it is you happen to believe about a particular team. (I’ve mentioned this before, but commissions a lot of writers.)
    Say you think the Atlanta Falcons have had a tepid offseason. ESPN’s Matt Williamson agrees! He hands them a tepid-to-the-max C-minus, which puts them next-to-next-to-last in the 16-team NFC.
    Say you think the same Falcons have done themselves proud since last they played a down. ESPN’s Mel Kiper agrees! He lists them among the five NFL teams that had the best offseasons.
    Matt says po-tay-toe. Mel says po-tat-toe. ESPN at its Worldwide-Leading best! (So now let’s see what Skip and Screamin’ A. have to say!)
    Williamson wonders about the retooled offensive line and the post-Abraham defense. He writes:
    The Falcons are all-in to win a championship. However, I see a few spots that are quite shaky and some pretty important names for their past success on that "key losses" list. There is not a lot of room for error here and injuries could derail this team.
    The famous Mel Kiper sees it differently. He praises general manager Thomas Dimitroff for executing “a classic draft double-down” in taking cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford. Writes Mel:
    They did what they could to tune up a strong but imperfect roster. But this is a team again capable of competing to play for and win a Super Bowl, and it's the third straight year we can say that. I don't know whether people realize how tough it is to be in that position year after year.
    Ah, sweet consensus.

    there's always a difference of opinion when it comes to the dirty birds :beers
    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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    that wasn't worth a response. keep on beating up on the Falcons. It's become a joke,...not even worth a laugh.

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