In the Vikings forum there's a post ranking the WRs. It's a copied thing from an Atlanta writer they say. I've never heard of the guy but 99% of NFL writers in Atlanta are from nowhere near Georgia.

He says Julio Jones is in the top 5 around the league but later the guy ranks Steve Smith above Roddy White? This was the basis of my post, "Roddy Dangerfield" a couple weeks ago. Same thing with the Saints Colston as Xardoz pointed out. Colston didn't make the list which is ridiculous.

I got in trouble a few years ago saying Terrell Owens and Randy Moss were washed up. I said that before Moss and Brady broke a record for TD passes and receptions. And that was the last season forever Moss would ever come to that level of play again,...he was washed up,...just like Steve Smith is washed up.

Roddy White has a couple more seasons to shine and the sky's the limit for Jones. But to rate Smith ahead of White proves the media in Atlanta aren't real Falcons fans nor are they unbiased. They have their hominess towards the teams where they come from and that's not Atlanta.

I was right about Owens and Moss and I'm right about Smith. All washed up.