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Thread: Let loose the dogs,...

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    Let loose the dogs,...

    That would be Billy-Bob Shakespeer. And that's what's gonna happen this Fall and Winter when the NFC South tangles with the AFC East.

    Media types are already dissing teams like the Rams, Cardinals and Jaguars and if I may,...I predict one of those three teams makes the playoffs this season.

    But none of them are touching the four teams in the NFC SOUTH,...oh noooo, nothing to be said about them and ya know why? Even idiots recognize solid NFL franchises, all 4 of them. Falcons are solid, Bucs are soleed! Panthers and Saints are solid. And no one wants to admit it.

    But they will come December or ignore things like they do in Miami and New York when they team doesn't get it done.

    The media based mainly in NY/NJ are stuck with Vick and the absurd conservative Coughlin along with Belichick like Dan Reeves, the game has passed them by. This might be the most enjoyable NFL season to come EVER!

    There's a wicked thing that comes your way AFC East types. And it's not just the Falcons.

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    It is like the teams that share a division are like a band of brothers who don't get along. The good thing about Shula days is the Fins usually got the most wins playing against unfamiliar teams. The Falcons - Fins are not like that, due to we have a lot of preseason play against the Bucs in the aforementioned conference. Now, the Falcons are not bad, by any stretch-in fact they may finally be a solid long-run champion.

    People think yeah, the Saints were under sanctions so the Falcons filled the gap. That would be a mistake - trending unbeatable, they did beat the Squaws errr Squawks in their playoff run right?

    That probably was the real title game of the season, right there. :happy1:

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