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Thread: Fin Fans

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    Fin Fans

    The team is about as competitive as any in the NFL in these times. There are no murky, amorphous issues i.e. Cardinals or Rams have but probably helmet's logo coming up this year isn't going to help.

    That isn't going down with me as well as say, a traditional helmets with conversion to orange uni's.

    No wonder-why not stick with what works?

    I could have went to the Pro Shop at Sun Life and bought an orange Ricky Williams for $5 the year - or two - before he came back with Ronnie Brown but that's past/what can they do now without Reggie Bush? Thomas has had a plague with injuries but that kind of affected Csonk too, in pre-Shula times. What they really could use is a pass-catching RB, like LT or Jim Kiick used to be.

    Miller gives the Dolphins a real big-play threat at that position and appears diverse enough to handle several roles. That he averaged just under 5 yards a carry last season says plenty. Nobody, though, is handing Miller the job.

    There are six running backs on the Dolphins roster right now and each of them offers an intriguing option. Each of them will get his shot.

    Daniel Thomas, the old man of the group entering just his third season. When healthy, he's shown to be both tough and productive. I like his skill set. I like his size at 6-1, 228. But Thomas must show that his body can hold up to the grind of a 16-game marathon of a season.

    Then there is Mike Gillislee, a fifth-round pick coming off an excellent senior season at the University of Florida. Gillislee is a smash mouth type of back, a player who would just as soon run over you as around you. He can also block and catch passes, imperative traits in this offense. Right now, Gillislee is just trying to get a feel for the pace of these Dolphin practices.

    It figures that Miller, Thomas and Gillislee will go into training camp as the top three backs, but the other three backs, at least at this point, should not be overlooked.

    Marcus Thigpen made a name for himself last season as a kick returner, but the coaching staff likes his speed, big-play ability and potential. He certainly has the tools to make things interesting.

    Jonas Gray was signed by the Dolphins a year ago as a long-term project who was fighting his way back from a knee injury in college at Notre Dame. He is healthy now, has shown some good things in the offseason workouts and when you watch him run, with his powerful 5-9, 225-pound physique, you see why the coaching staff wants to see more.

    Finally, there is undrafted rookie Cameron Marshall who put together some impressive numbers at AZ State, rushing for 2,700 yards and 38 TD in his 4 seasons there. At this point you have to consider him a long shot but with Philbin’s wide open door policy, all he needs is one big run to justify additional attention.

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    amourphous,...without definite form, shapeless. Unorganized; vague. Without structure, as some lower form of life.

    You used a term which isn't meant for football but rather used referring to a mineral. But you picked out two teams that will make you eat these words, especially the Rams.

    How amourfous were the leaders in Miami when they hired the washed up Parcells in 2008?

    I expect the Rams to do well at the expense of the over rated Niners and Seahawks.

    Stick to politics, that's your strength.:noway:

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    If this is Not Amorphous

    then can someone clearly define why the Cardinals started the season very strong and then shriveled up into little old ladies? Why the Rams dissappointed me in not beating the Jets even though they had their former O/C in charge, who knows that team inside out?

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