...and so does the media.

The NFLN has all their top tens and crap, like top 10 Packers? LOL! Top 10 Cowboys and Steelers? LOL! Who gives a rat's bahooty? Everyone already knows who's on the damp list anyway. So here's you an idea NFLN gurus,...rate the top 10 dirtiest Falcons offensive lines through the seasons.

Good grief, given the media's attacks on the Falcons O-line just since 2002 ya know like over a decade ago,...the NFLN could make lots of money cause everyone loves to see Falcons players cheating, lying, killing dogs and now wishing they had Matt Ryan's white teeth.

Okay,...remember Bill Fralic? Back in the '90's this guy was an incredibly strong man with a temper. Few people and even Falcons fans forget Houston Hoover(THE PEOPLE MOVER), as he was called. He played with attitude and had 320 lbs. to back it up.

Zoom ahead to 2004 when Arthur Blank tried to make the Falcons the Niners-West with Mora, Gibbs slant blocking in the West Coast Offense. The media went berserk accusing slant blocking involves the cut block and the Falcons are hurting players,...after the Broncos won two Super Bowls using the same crap and while other teams were using this method of the cut block usually on the backside and often carried out by the tight end.

Zoom ahead to 2008 when a defensive minded head coach told his O-line to be more physical. He told them to finish off plays until the whistle blew. Harvey Dahl in the eyes of the media was the lowest scumbag cheap shot that ever played right guard. Since leaving the Falcons Dahl hasn't been heard of.

So the reader asks,...what's the point of this post? Hell, I could go on and on about the biased media when it comes to very good NFL players who never reach the likes of a Steelers or Patriots player getting that luv from the media,...even if his stats are better.

Yes the Falcons have become a pass happy team on offense but that's not what Mike Smith wants.

Hope Jackson rests up this offseason. He's gonna need it.

What goes down in the trenches should never be judged by which team is doing this and that. THEY ALL DO IT! And let the refs sort it out all you muppet heads in the baseless, useless sports medium.

It'll be fascinating to see the spin on the Falcons new O-line this Fall.