Normally I'd feel sorry for a franchise married to a loser but not this time.

iggles fans deserve this little boy. iggles fans are the worst, most arrogant(for no reason since they've never won ****), rude people EVEN the women!

From nflfans,...

Michael Vick admits he "never paid attention" in fumbling drills. Vick, 33 this month, is adamant Chip Kelly is the first coach to teach him how to properly carry the ball. "As crazy as it may sound, I never carried the football correctly," Vick said. "And thatís partly my fault because my coaches always got everybody in a circle and did a four-points-of-pressure drill, and I never paid attention, thought I was doing it right. Now I know how to hold it. It feels comfortable, itís tight." Vick averaged 10.3 fumbles the past three seasons, but it sounds like that number will finally be coming down in 2013. Who knows what else Kelly might teach his veteran quarterback.

This boy is a joke and he'll never mature. All the instances iggles fans made fun of Vick when he was a Falcon has now come back to haunt your arrogant asses.