Geesh! The Falcons website won't give it up but NRSLacking did with a website that shows every team's depth charts. Thank you, you are one of the best man no doubt.

So it's a fact, even if something happens next week as in a trade or something, the Falcons entire right side of the O-line including the center will be different players from last season. It was around two months ago I posted this to be.

And again, this is the trend in the NFL with a salary cap. O-linemen are paid way lower wages than CBs and LBs. Most D-linemen(backups) are not paid nearly as much as backup WRs. That's a general view because no one team is the same as the other 31. But generally that's the case.

The Falcons have three unknowns and all three of them will line up next to each other in 2013,...scary isn't it?