Sooo,...a pasty-faced edumacated sports writer says the Bucs are breaking NFLPA rules for having too much contact in OTA.

For one thing, and correct me if I'm wrong, this reporter is not from the Bay Area and really doesn't like the Bucs even if he is. It might be a she like talon. To give a woman that much power,...ennywhoo.

The Bucs had a fight in practice<GASP OH NOOOO!>. It's time for we edumacated types(the reporter), to stand up for the rules! Although it were players who told on the Saints for bounty bonuses the reporters, from new jersey, made sure we'd ruin the Saints 2012 season by flooding the news with a so called scandal(while the Steelers and Patriots have had bounties out for decades), and making sure the little pink faced Goodell took action against a franchise in a small market. For no reason except conjecture. Now we smart peoples have caught another SOUTHERN NFL franchise doing things wrong. We'll get them alright.

And my fellow Falcons fans wonder why I'm so favorable to the Panthers, Jaguars, Bucs and Saints? They have no idea how they are hated, or at least looked down upon by most of the people who keep up with the NFL. ESPECIALLY those in the northeast and even in Colorado and California HATE the Falcons firstmost then the rest of the NFC South to boot.

This is a ridiculous charge and if the Goodell punishes the Bucs it will prove things are finished with the NFL as we knew it.