Team's rosters must change due to time, contracts and necessity.

Releasing a 35 year old part time pass rusher, trying to trade a player with a big contract and wanting to add players at other positions all comes into play.

This is where you'll see some teams fare better than others, and of course, there's always exceptions.

Lots of teams lost leaders in the locker room after 2012. The Packers, Ravens and Falcons were hit worst. For teams like the Steelers, Broncos and Patriots,...well they keep coming at you with anything they drag up.

Okay, to the point,...does locker room love mean anything? Yes the Ravens were out to win it all for Ray but was their locker room atmosphere all flowery like what we'd see in Jerry Jones or Arthur Blank's facilities?

This will be fascinating to see unfold cause there's some teams starting ALL OVER! Even with unproven college coaches!

Everyone knows the player's union and the player's determine everything now. Some are slow to see it.

Just like everything else, there's trail blazers and those who walk down the beaten path. The Falcons are trying to be something of a trail blazer but time is running out.