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Thread: Scared of the future?

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    Scared of the future?

    Are you people scared?

    The guy is a college coach until now, and we Falcons fans are familiar with the Oregon type offenses. Remember Chris Miller?

    Today on the NFLN there was a question raised,...which team goes from worst to first, the Chiefs or the Eagles. I laughed OUT LOUD! There was Andy Reid and then Kelly's pictures and as the blabbering went on ya just had to sink your face in your hands and laugh. The NFLN is a joke. Always catering to Jets and Giants fans they do. With some love to the iggles.

    Everyone knows Kelly's offense. And honestly it's where lots of Pro offenses are going. Spread the field to allow running lanes but with Kelly, like Bobby Petrino, they think pass first regardless what they say. That was the allure with Petrino back in 2007 with the Falcons. Bobby always talked up having a big back to pound the ball but he had Warrick Dunn. That's enough to make anyone laugh.

    Falcons fans analyzed Petrino's offense before 2007 and myself deemed it potent and it was! But only in the passing game. The 2007 Falcons offense lacked run blocking so,...the 2013 iggles should be good there,...but we aren't hearing from iggles fans and I know why,...they're scared of the unknown.

    The NFL changes every season and in the past college coaches have failed other than Jimmy J and maybe Carroll,...his fate is yet to be revealed. Kelly might have a key to some wins.

    But where are iggles fans talking about this new offense?

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    NFL commentators have looked into kelly's offense at oregon and stated that the stats show it was a predominately a running offense. 2yrs ago when the o line was healthy shady torn up the league
    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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