Since the coward troll won't give it up here we go!!

Mike Vick has been reported to be "heavier" LOLOL! AWESOME!

Mike Vick is mad at people who think he can't read defenses,...LOL! The poor little BOY never read a defense before why is this anything new?

The Iggles sport a new offense for Vick to fathom,...hahahaha totally laughable!

Oh well, long as the iggles and the troll keep giving us laughs it's worth it all.

One last thing,...the troll posted the Falcons can't sign their rookies cause of the cap? Complete bull**** from Orlando Bed wetter and the troll.

To have Vick as your QB must STING! After all your attacks on him when he was a Falcon. So damned sweet,...enjoy your KARMA FOOL!