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Thread: false equivalence

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedgreen View Post
    There's nothing manufactured or canned about my outrage pal. You have proven time and again to be a complete j@ck@$$ who likes to try and get a rise out of people while you spew leftist nonsense. Well, I hope you are satisfied at mission accomplished yet again.

    Conservatism is rooted in reason, truth and reality. YOU ARE NOT. Don't forget that.
    I don't think Gundy is a jackass, probably more like synaptically challenged.

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    While We Wait

    for JE1 to lick his chops and coem at me again, I think the varying linkages between the TEA Party and more far right-wing elements is worth a view. From

    A series of sieges, armed standoffs, and bombings made Americans increasingly aware of a growing polarization between the US federal government and what was hardening into a grassroots militia movement... [The] far right, now exemplified by the Tea Party, wants to work from within the political system by downsizing government and converting it to a states’ rights model. This shift is evident in the current Republican debates leading up to the next presidential election, where candidates have tried to turn "moderate" into a pejorative term.

    Although the American extremist Right is small in numbers, it exerts a disproportionate ideological influence both domestically and internationally. Although built on outlandish claims, the rhetoric of the militant Right quickly becomes repetitive and stultifying, and people should not underestimate the danger it poses. Its ridiculousness conceals a violence and divisiveness which are clearly aimed at mainstream and progressive, liberal-democratic values in the United States. Ideological tautologies upheld by constitutionalists, apocalypticists, and conspiracy theorists preclude the very possibility of debate and social discourse. By mythifying the issues it supposedly addresses, the Right polarizes discourse. This, in turn, only naturalizes the issues and insulates their construction from public scrutiny and criticism. Once such myths are in place, veracity is beside the point and ideological questions are no longer open to debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOF.Gator View Post
    I don't Gundy is a jackass, probably more like synaptically challenged.
    Or perhaps both.

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    Exclamation One More Time and I'll Puke

    right here on site. Try me bro

    Quote Originally Posted by SOF.Gator View Post
    This rambling and incoherence is why I have Gunder on my ignore list.

    Despite a well-publicized List, he still makes remarks abt my postings e.g. when I put up a quick link to JB Shaw, he came back with a lot of flack about it. So, how could he be ignoring my posts due to mindless ramblings or whatever?

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    True, socialism and fascism are both forms of Statism. I would classify most of this board as pro-individual freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOF.Gator View Post
    True, socialism and fascism are both forms of Statism. I would classify most of this board as pro-individual freedom.
    And what's really twisted and hypocritical about his argument is that he is telling us he's anti-Fascism (or, chastising us for not being bold enough in our opposition??), and thus exhibits "anti-Government" sentiments too, according to his illogic anyways. duh

    The left has tried to obscure and lie about the Tea Party's mission from the outset--to cast them as racists, villains and tax evaders. Gunder is just a tool for them.

    But the common goals and tenets are: fiscal restraint/financial responsibility, Constitutionally limited Govt, free markets and individual freedom and liberty for all. There are slight variations between different groups, but the essence is the same. It's basically a push-back against a controlling imperial leviathan, hence the tea party reference to the opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765.

    Here's an example:
    Beaufort Patriot Tea Party
    last active 121 days ago

    We are a grassroots,volunteer organization made up of everyday American citizens from all across North Carolina united by our shared core values. As an organization dedicated to America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets, we recognize the strength of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. The Tea Party mission is to unite like-minded individuals, educate and inform others based on our core values, and to secure public policy consistent with those values. Our Goals: Stop the out of control spending by the government, at all levels. Assist organizations and citizens in having their voices heard. Provide a platform/coalition for all organizations to communicate and coordinate their efforts. Promote issues that Americans can stand united on, such as Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutional Rights, and a Smaller Government. Provide a non-partisan view of candidates and their voting records to assist citizens in making informed choices about their representatives. (Pretty crazy detail, I picked this one at random, mainly because the description was long, and it happens to be the same town my Aunt and Uncle reside in! lol Doubt they are members, being former academics who are retired.)
    "The Tea Party Patriots' mission is to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedgreen View Post
    Again, two sides of the same totalitarian coin--Communism and Fascism. Guess what the common denominator is Gunder? BIG IMPERIAL GOVT.

    One doesn't have to be "anti-Govt" in general. It is possible to be in favor of limited, righteous Govt and also anti-BIG, MONSTROUS, CORRUPT GOVT LARGESSE--as we see now creeping in in soft fashion. But hey, you are the one who likes to obscure, caricature, conflate and make use of false equivalence, not us.

    Ok, the adriot IBG has noted that good citizens cannot assume the righteous use of government power. It is hard to disagree with this notion. In fact isn't it our duty to check the higher echelons of power, guided by the principle of subsidiarity, to make sure government functions are carried out at the lowest administrative level possible, and no higher-order governmental body is doing a function that can be done on a smaller, closer-to-the people, and thereby more efficient level?

    It could once be argued that large bureaucracies should handle things better due adminstrastive efficiency, i.e. taking advantage of the use of computers and large-scale information bases. Of course thats not only an obsolete idea but higher technology actually makes lower-level management more efficient and better, with quicker response times etc.

    There is absolutely no question that the first task of a good citizen should be to see that the government doesn't grow on its own, due to to corruption. I think IBG posts once in a while about unholy unions is the prime example, yet there is still no solution to the big-union influence on Democratic government.

    Down with Imperial governments.

    From study of the Bible and in the opinion of most preachers, you know that government is a vital part to the structure of a well-ordered peaceful society, so I'd probably be pro-government even if I took pains to make sure it functions on an efficient paradigm. This is much easier said than done, especially when money-based politics is the order of the day.

    Therefore, in the Citizens United case that unlimited funds should be allowed to influence politics how did all you limited-government supporters think that was actually a good verdict for individual freedom? Every knows that the TEA Party was all behind the CU PAC.

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