It took 5 years but the Falcons are now in-house. Lemme splain.

When Mike Smith took over the team, and guess what,...Smith, not Dimitroff runs the Falcons. Dimitroff is a vehicle to obtain talent. When Smith took over the team the mantra was the media would have all the rights to be there at Flowery Branch, cameras, mikes, everything if they wished. What did the local media do? The Atlanta/Journal @ Constitution(wich is a joke cause all the writers there despise the Constitution), lets go a guy to the NFLN and hires the dumbest beat writer on the face of the planet. Ledbetter is a joke and can't ask the right questions because he's a token.

So when you read the COPIED and PASTED posts by the troll here just ignore them.

Now the Falcons have changed unbeknownst to the little troll bitch and the rest of the media.

The national media is ignoring the Falcons, GOOD! Damn skippy to have a quiet offseason except for the troll. There is good things I am unable to say here that's happening for the Falcons. I can say they've built a solid and respectable roster with men of conviction, win it all. I'm not being a homey here.

Falcons players realize what winning a Championship means to their careers.

Now we'll have to go through those damned Niners twice this season it appears.