By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Hereís the Q&A with Dimitroff:

Q: Where are things with Matt Ryanís contract situation?

A: We all know that Matt is going to be here for a long time. Weíre going to be diligent and creative with how we put together our package when the time is right. Nothing new on the timing, but suffice it to say, we will have things taken care of, again, when the time is right.

Q: Are you looking forward to the start of OTAs after Memorial Day?

A: Yes, Iím really encouraged by this yearís group. Iíve been watching them already move around on the field (during coaching sessions). Iím looking forward to see them practicing with our veterans when the time is right. I want to see how our young guys stack up against our veterans as well as seeing both Steven (Jackson) and Osi (Umenyiora) get on the field. They have done a great job so far with their leadership and thatís one of the reasons that we wanted them on board because they are just top-notched leaders in their own right.

Q: How is the weight training program going under the latest reorganization?

A: Everything is going really well in our athletic performance department. Our new strength and conditioning coach A.J. Neibel is working very well with (head trainer) Marty Lauzon and our entire athletic performance program. The players are responding very well and we are excited to continue to build our strength and conditioning and continuing to be on the lead-edge of a lot of technology as far as athletic performance.

Q: A new direction with weight-training or just a change at the top? (Neibel was promoted to replace Jeff Fish this offseason.)

A: We are staying consistent in certain areas, but again, weíre always very much open to continuing to push the limits on our strength work and being very lead-edge as far as our use of GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Q: Whatís going on with the rookies?

A: We just finished up with Falcons U. Kevin Winston and Tron Stamper did a great job with our guys. We are trying to educate our young guys on want to expect in the league and get them ready for the challenge of making this football team. Falcons U. is, to me, one of the best in the NFL. Kevin Winston is arguably one of the best in the National Football League is doing what he does in helping to ready our players for off the field and dealing with the challenges on the field indirectly. What we do is try to continue to educate our players at so many different levels through Falcons U. Itís not only how they are going to respond on the field, but the challenges they are going to have out in the community. Itís an education on gang and gun situations as well as financial (dealings). Itís just general navigation as a professional athlete.