Remember when the Falcons signed all their draft picks a week after the draft? The Atlanta media bragged just how fast all those draft picks were signed and you know why they were signed so fast? Back then the Falcons roster was similar to a B-TEAM with a QB running around all over the place fumbling the football. OMGoodness! No one reads my posts. So guess I'll repeat myself to the resident mitch here who doesn't seem to wanna talk iggles football. A shame, cause it would be so much fun.

The ONLY draftee who will start will be Trufant. The LB out of prison is making the league minimum and will contribute. Who gives a rat's ass if any of the rest of the rookies make the damn team idiot!

This is what irritates me with you bastards up nawth. Are the Falcons destined to lose 8 games this season? I've already said it's possible. But you people up there<GASP!>no money to sign the draftees!!!<GASP>

You make me sick. Enjoy Vick,...that ryhmed.

make me sick
enjoy yo vick

This is not the NFL of 10 years ago. And it's a pleasure to see it go right by you.