They told me not to post this cause it'll make me appear bigoted. I ask how can a man of color be bigoted? Another thing, how can ANY NFL fan from the "tribe" as they call it be racist? As Roger Goodell said the other night, the NFL resembles every day life with lots of diversity.

The NFL has never had the number of QBs in the league who can run with the football and make it hurt.

Cam-Cam, ARGEETHREE, Cappernick, Matt Ryanoops sorry not him, Seahawks QB what's his name, Vick,...

See, we've been all through this before, we Falcons fans. In 2001 Dan Reeves ran the Falcons org. a fact. He traded two 1st round picks and a punt returner to trade up and choose the Virginia dog fighter, from the Chargers.

Vick was fabulous although being drafted just after his sophomore year in VA. In 2002 he did things only the elite runners in NFL history could do. I would go into detail but it'd make this post too long. Called "sluffing" the tackle.

And for years, as a Falcons fan, I defended Vick to the death,...the sob should buy me a dinner at the Varsity,...pffft. Somewhere in the middle of 2005 I saw more mistakes in judgement, hesitations and it might've been drugs for all we know. So I questioned Jim Mora as did Arthur Blank when he fired Junior after 3 seasons. It was gonna be, in 2007, Vick and Petrino's offense and Roger Goodell told Vick he was the face of the NFL. Remember that? Then the stuff came out.

I'll continue this later but until Goodell/Smith ruins the game totally, there will never be a "running QB" to win a Super Bowl. Tebo is a better passing QB than Vick.