It's good to get back to our football talkin' here lately. Took over two years to get over this stuff being put down by unions and the guv but we're turning the tide so to speak, even if in a small way.

Speaking of which, where's the NFL player's union leader been lately? DeMorrio Smith is his name if memory is correct. After he thugged the owners and still lays in the bed with Roger Goodell and his wife, Smith has been invisible. Could be he and the O are laying up in a sweet suite with champagne and lobster, after all, they are close buds. Cause O has been doin' the partee life lately,...all over the Wurl!

The "lockout" was a farce named, labeled and created by the sports medium. BUT the Falcons owner went along with it all, along with others(Jax), so the old timey owners relented.

There's where the Falcons will pay.