Oh yeah,...even before training camp there's people ranking the teams.

The poor, poor Falcons,...can't get no respect.

From the AFC East, the Falcons opponents in '13, three of the teams are ranked higher than Atlanta(even the JETS!). From the NFC West two of the teams are ranked higher, the Falcons opponents this season, and the other two are ranked right underneath them. The Packers are ranked higher and Eagles are ranked right up there with the Falcons. The Saints, Bucs are ranked higher with the Panthers around where the Cardinals are in most rankings. What's interesting is how high they ranked the AFC over the NFC when everyone knows the AFC has not dominated the other conference in some years now,...HOMEY-TYPES.

When ya get all this dumbing down from HOMEYS it's hard to spend that 30 bucks on a new Falcons hat, much less $6000 on four season tickets,...REMEMBER THAT Roger goodell.