Oh No, not again! After 5 straight winning seasons and all the talk of winning a SB for Tony,...it's all gonna crash down to a 7-9 season come next Fall.

Oh that's right,...people don't know the level of curse the Falcons franchise holds deep in its' catacombs of lost players and coaches. Some of those players were doomed, as were some coaches and others went on to win Super Bowls once they excorcised the Falcons curse. To name a few, Gerald Riggs, Scott Case and Deion Sanders and I think Tony Casillas although he may have been in IR. They all own SB winning rings as former Falcons.

The talking heads are already predicting this and that for '13 and some of it makes sense because just like climate change, it's a normal thing, you know like the ebbs and flow of our planet and the NFL. Teams like the Rams should be a playoff team agreed but the media never understands voo-doo. They always talk curses though but cannot EVEN give the Falcons a top 10 cursed franchise on the NFLN, amazing. It's like the ****ing Falcons don't exist. Until it goes back to the Civil War,...again,...

**** all you yankee bastards,...we heard it today. Heard the Packers commentator from the Divisional Playoff game in Atlanta. The Packers were on fire and beat the Falcons by 30 points. Late in the game the PECKERS commentator(radio) said, "It was when Sherman came through since Atlanta gets burned like this."

Lots of people had family members killed and burned back then,...old and sick people Sherman wasn't willing to help.

I despise all you cold hearted bastards.

Okay, back to today,...there is a curious lack of mention of two franchises one in the AFC, other in the NFC. They are mirrors of each other and I guess no expert here or on ESPN, NFLN will EVER see the similarity.

Problem is,...one franchise will get love and the other will be cursed again due to it being fixed.CHA CHING!